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Abeldane National Union

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The '''Abeldane National Union''', commonly referred to as the ''National Union'' or by its abbreviation ''ANU'', and formerly known as '''Populares''', is a [[w:centre-right|centre-right]] political party in [[Abelden]]. It is the oldest party in the Abeldane Empire.
Its current leader is [[Patrick Renwick]], who took the leadership following the ascension of [[Nicholas Kaos]] to the Abeldane throne on 29 May 2020. The party was originally founded as the National Federalist Party by [[Alejandro Whyatt]] on November 2017 and was renamed to ''Die Rechte'' on June 2018 after [[Stephen Freayth]] became the party's leader. It was then renamed to Populares on June 2019, before finally becoming the Abeldane National Union in May 2020.
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