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Abeldane National Union

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{{Template:Infobox Party
|name_english = PopularesAbeldane National Union
|name_native =
|logo = [[File:Populares logo3.png|220px]]
|colorcode = #C60101
|leader1_title = [[w:Party leader|Leader]]
|leader1_name = [[Nick Kaos|Nicholas KaosPatrick Renwick]]
| leader2_title = Deputy
| leader2_name = [[Patrick RenwickNicholas Randouler]]
|slogan =
|anthem =
|foundation = 27 November 2017 {{small|(as NFP)}}<br/>5 June 2019 29 May 2020 {{small|(as PopularesANU)}}|headquarters = [[PlestonVolkania]], [[AlenshkaDemirelia]]
|newspaper =
|membership = 1412
| youth_wing =
|membership_year = 20192020|ideology = [[w:PragmatismMonarchism|PragmatismMonarchism]]<br/>[[w:MonarchismFederalism|Federalism]]<br>[[w:Nationalism|MonarchismNationalism]]<br/>[[w:FederalismBicameralism|Bicameralism]]<br>[[GUM|FederalismPro-GUM]]
|position = [[w:Centre|Centre]] to [[w:Centre-right|Centre-right]]
|national =
|seats1 = {{ParlSeats|4|6|hex=#C60101}}
|seats2_title = [[Reichsversammlung]]
|seats2 = {{ParlSeats|76|13|hex=#C60101}}
|flag = [[File:Populares logo1.png|200px]]
|footnotes =
The '''PopularesAbeldane National Union''', formally formerly known as '''Populares – Abeldane People's Party''', is a [[w:centre-right|centre-right]] political party in [[Abelden]], and one of . It is the two oldest political parties party in Abelden alongside [[the Abeldane Social Ecology]]Empire.
Its current leader is [[Nicholas KaosPatrick Renwick]], who was elected as leader on 27 November 2019, and took the leadership following the incumbent ascension of [[StellvertreterNicholas Kaos]]to the Abeldane throne on 29 May 2020. The party was originally founded as the National Federalist Party by [[Alejandro Whyatt]] on November 2017 and was renamed to ''Die Rechte'' on June 2018 after [[Stephen Freayth]] became the party's leader and . It was then renamed to its present name Populares on June 2019, before finally becoming the Abeldane National Union in May 2020.
The party is the curren governing party in Abelden, holding a majority plurality of the seats in the [[Reichsversammlung]], the legislature of the Empire. It previously has had its own sister party in [[Alenshka]], the [[Alenshkan People's Party|People's Party]], before the AVP decided to terminate the alliance in May 2020.
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