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Federalist Party (Ponderosa Hills)

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{{Infobox Party
|name_english = Canadian Isabelle and Shrek Super Federalist Party in the People's Republic of Ponderosa Hills
|name_native =
|logo = [[File:CISSPPondofederalist.png|200pxsvg]]
|colorcode = #AACB60
|leader2_title = Leader
|leader2_name = [[Jayden Lycon]]
|slogan = G-DBB-AGGC-BBBAG makes [[w:All Star (song)|All Star]] on [[w:Animal Crossing: New Horizons|Animal Crossing: New Horizons]]
|foundation = 18 April [[2020]]
|ideology = [[w:Big tent|Big tent]] <br> [[Shrekism]] <br> [[w:Scottish nationalism|Scottish nationalism]]{{efn|Party stands neutral in Pro-[[w:Scottish indepedenceFederalism|Scottish indepedencefederal state]]}} <br> [[w:Liberal democracy|Liberal democracy]]
|colors =
|position = ''Unknown''
|membership_year = 2020
|international = [[Shrek Super Party]]
|anthem = [ Scotland Forever]
|seats1_title = [[People's Supreme Assembly|People's Supreme Assembly seats]]
|seats1 = {{ParlSeats|1|15|hex=#AACB60}}
The '''Federalist Party''', formerly known as the '''Canadian Isabelle - Shrek Super Party''' and is an active political party in [[Ponderosa Hills]]. It was formed on 18 April 2020 as the '''Canadian Isabelle Party''', but was designated as the affilate party status for the [[Shrek Super Party]] on 24 April 2020, thus renaming but was changed to '''Federalist''' on 29 September 2020. [[File:CISSP.png|200px|thumb|Former logo of the party to its current form.]]
==Electoral Performance==
[[Category:Shrek Super Party]]
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