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Abeldane National Union

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Its current leader is [[Nicholas Kaos]], who was elected as leader on 27 November 2019, and the incumbent [[Stellvertreter]]. The party was originally founded as the National Federalist Party by [[Alejandro Whyatt]] on November 2017 and was renamed to ''Die Rechte'' on June 2018 after [[Stephen Freayth]] became the party's leader and was then renamed to its present name on June 2019.
The party is currently the curren governing party in Abelden, holding a coalition government with [[Liberty Front]] whilst it holds the plurality majority of the seats in the [[Reichsversammlung]], the legislature of the Empire. It previously has its own sister parties party in states that allow political parties such as [[Alenshka]], the [[Alenshkan People's Party|People's Party]] , before the AVP decided to terminate the alliance in [[Alenshka]]May 2020.
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