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Altavian Government Services

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These are the Departments in the [[Commonwealth of Altavia]].
====Chancellor's Cabinet====
The Chancellor's Cabinet is a collection of all the ministers in Altavia, and help the Parliament and Chancellor decide laws.
====Department of External Affairs====
The Department of External Affairs is the Altavian organization organisation for diplomatic relations with other micronationsand macronations. Contact the Commonwealth Foreign Ministry on Discord as MaChaiTea #6250 if you want diplomatic relations with us. It is lead by the Minister of External Affairs.
====Department of Internal Affairs====
The Department of Internal Affairs is the organisation for diplomatic relations within the country. It gives citizenships and passports
====Department of Science, Agriculture, and the Environment====
The Department of Science , Agriculture, and the Environment is the Altavian environmental , scientific, and scientific agricultural organisation. They control the scientific research and environmental protection, and keeping Altavia in accordance with the [[w:Paris agreement|Paris Agreement]]. It also controls all agricultural related affairs in the nation. Lead by the Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Science. ====Department of Law=====The Department of Law is the Judicial Branch of Altavia, and decides on court cases and enforces laws. It is lead by the Chief Justice of Altavia.
====Commonwealth National Bank====
The Commonwealth National Bank is the national bank of Altavia. It controls the currency, the Oszau (₾), and allows citizens to exchange USD for Oszau. It is lead by the Minister of the Economy.
====Altavian Parliament====
The [[Altavian Parliament]] is the body that makes laws in Altavia. It is lead by the Chancellor and the two Marshalls, and has 10 Premiers (including the Marshalls, but excluding the Chancellor).

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