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User:Z Luna Skye/MicroWiki Mentions Chart!

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| style="background:#cd7f32;" |1 Week
| style="background:#C0C0C0;" |2 Weeks
|1011|[[Duke]], [[Austenasia]], [[Arkovia]], [[New Eiffel]], [[Zenrax]], [[Hosamia]], [[Verdis]], [[Wegmat]], [[Aenderia]], [[Reddit Nation]], [[Almendria]]
| style="background:yellow;" |3 Weeks
|45|Hosamia, New Eiffel, Austenasia, Aenderia, Almendria
| style="background:#70d1f4;" |4 Weeks
|Diamond blue
|34|Austenasia, New Eiffel, Aenderia, Almendria
| style="background:purple;" |5 Weeks
| 17
| style="background:#cd7f32;" |1 Week
| Involved in a controversy after claims of racism and homophobia. |-! scope="row" |May 4| n/a| n/a| Null| There was no micronation with over the minimal required 7 mentions on this date.|-! scope="row" |May 11| [[Ernestian Civil Dispute|Ernest]]| 43| style="background:#cd7f32;" | 1 Week| Controversy micronation criticised for its leader, known as "Cooled" spamming and raiding various Discord servers, as well as the [[Ernestian Civil Dispute]].|-! Scope="row" |May 18| {{flaglist|Essexia}}| 7| style="background:#cd7f32;" | 1 Week| Episode 3 of [[EssexiaTalk]] was released, and proved to be a success|-! scope="row" | May 25| {{flaglist|New Eiffel}}| 10| style="background:#cd7f32;" | 1 Week| Active and popular in the community.|-! scope="row" | June 1| {{flaglist|Abelden}}| 16| style="background:#cd7f32;" | 1 Week| '''TBA'''|-! scope="row" | June 8| {{flaglist|Posaf}}| 37| style="background:#cd7f32;" | 1 Week| [[Nicholas Randouler#Death|Death]] of [[Nicholas Randouler]], a founder of Posaf.|-! scope="row" | June 15| {{flaglist|Posaf}}| 20| style="background:#C0C0C0;" | 2 Weeks| Death of Nicholas Randouler, a founder of Posaf.|-! scope="row" | June 22| [[File:Flag of Kebec.png|25px|border]] [[Kebec]]| 9| style="background:#cd7f32;" | 1 Week| President of Kebec [[Taninim Long]] founded the controversial [[Pangapedia]] as a 'rival to MicroWiki', which became highly vandalised.|-! scope="row" | June 29| [[file:Etukanflag.jpg|25px|border]] [[Etukan]]| 22| style="background:#cd7f32;" | 1 Week| Criticised for its leader's unprofessionalism and elements of fantasy. They attempted and complained to admins for the deletion of their article; after the deletion was denied, they were than criticised for users on the Discord and the admins for their unprofessional and provoked response.|-! scope="row" | July 6| [[File:Flag of Almendria.png|25px|border]] [[Almendria]]| 36| style="background:#cd7f32;" | 1 Week| Criticised for its unprofessionalism, also apart of the satirical [[TOES-Almendria War]].|-! scope="row" | July 13| [[File:Flag of Almendria.png|25px|border]] [[Almendria]]| 118| style="background:#C0C0C0;" | 2 Weeks| Continuation and spread of the satirical TOES-Almendria War.|-! scope="row" | July 20| [[File:TemplarAlmendria.png|25px|border]] [[Almendria]]| 25| style="background:yellow;" | 3 Weeks| The leader of Almendria and following its controversies, Tizian became a very disliked figure following his claims of having underaged sexual intercourse, and allegations he had password crackers, botnets and was doing insurance fraud in fifteen countries. The truthfulness of some of these claims, alleged by others or cited by Tizian himself, have been of much debate.|-! scope="row" | July 27| [[File:Oldavia.jpg|25px|border]] [[Almendria]]| 28| style="background:#70d1f4;" | 4 Weeks| Tizian continued to act unprofessionally and inappropriately, causing users to troll and also raid Almendrian servers. There are also claims that the server owner was hacked, as well as reports of various users claiming to have been doxxed and blackmailed.|-! scope="row" | August 3 | {{flaglist|New Eiffel}}| 11| style="background:#cd7f32;" | 1 Week| Partly due to the [[Crisis in New Eiffel]]|-! scope="row" | August 10|| ||||-! scope="row" | August 17| {{flaglist|Ponderosa Hills}}| 7| style="background:#cd7f32;" | 1 Week| Was involved in a minor controversy after claiming [[Hrafnarfjallian Antarctica]].||-! scope="row" | August 24|||||

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