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Leon Williamson

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Leon began his micronational career in July 2012, and became involved in the MicroWiki community soon thereafter. He formed and led a number of unstable micronations, such as the Republic of New Nevada. This era of perpetual instability ended however when New Nevade joined the Confederate States of Prosperity and came under the tutelage of [[Richard Cunningham]] and the other members of the confederation's left-wing. The time as part of the CSP allowed Leon to gain valuable experience in micronationalism within the MicroWiki community. However, after discussions with [[J. Grant Winchester|Jules Grant]] about the possibility of joining [[Amager]], New Nevada left the CSP amicably and was admitted to the confederation, becoming its second member state
Leon would turn out to be the first of many younger micronationalists to join Amager, as it rapidly transformed from respected but not particularly influential state to a large confederation and one the most respected younger nations within the MicroWiki community. He joined [[Joseph Kennedy]] and [[Charles Crannys]] in founding the Amagerian Labour Party, which was founded on democratic socialist and patriotic principles. The party rapidly became one of the most influential political factions within Amager, with a clearly defined manifesto advocating a strong welfare state and independence from the [[St.Charlian Commonwealth]], of which Amager was a member and the most of the other Amagerian parties supported.
He was eventually elected to become the First Secretary of the Labour Party after being confirmed by the Party's politburo on the 29th March 2013, and led the party's movement from a center-left to a more hard-line left-wing position, something which drew criticism from moderate elements within the party and Democratic Union of Amager, which had always been the most powerful Amagerian political party. Nonetheless, after the rapid admittance of a number of new states disrupted the balance of power within the Amagerian parliament, Leon agreed to a power sharing agreement between all of the Amagerian parties, and he was thus confirmed in the position of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, positions which had been in doubt since the foundation of the Labour Party and its opposition to many of the Democratic Unionist policies. Despite disagreements, Leon formed a strong friendship with Prime Minister [[J. Grant Winchester|Jules Grant]] and the power sharing agreement evolved into a genuine coalition government based mainly on Amagerian patriotism and a knowledge that neither party could control the government alone, and that a breakdown of the coalition government could allow other parties to fill the power vacuum.

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