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Kingdom of Sorrenia

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{{Main|War of the Sorrenian Succession}}
[[File:Warofsorreniansuccession.png|thumb|Map of the [[War of the Sorrenian Succession#Battles|War of Succession Battles]] <br> <small> Gold: [[New Monarchists]] victory <br> Red: [[Socialist League]] victory <br> Blue: [[Dradelia|Dradelian]] victory <br> Brown: [[Kingdom of Morgannwg|Morgannwgydd]] victory <br> Grey: Inconclusive result </small/>]]
After several years of hiatus, a group of leftists located in [[Bowburn]] and [[Sherburn]] formed the [[Socialist League of Sorrenia|Socialist League]], with the explicit intention of overthrowing the State of Sorrenia and reforming the Federation. [[Adam Scargill]] emerged as a leader of the League, with [[Harold Wanton]] leading the Sherburn contingent. Only a small number of the League however had participated in the Sorrenian Federation, and most were new to micronationalism altogether.
By the [[Sorrenian General Election, June 2018|June 2018 election]], Richard Brooker - head of the Old Monarchists - began to envisage a massive extension in Sorrenia's territorial claim, matched with a reimagination of the Sorrenian project altogether. Brooker is generally attributed with the introduction of [[Northumbrianism]] into Sorrenian politics, a school of cultural theory emphasising the distinct history of northern England and Sorrenia's connection to this unique history and culture.
Brooker introduced his idea through a number of conversations with the king, who was quickly convinced. Together they formed the ''Cuthbert Council'', consisting also of [[Michael Disraeli]], [[Peter Otterson]], [[Mark Rawlton]] and eventually Republican leader [[Martin Aquinas]]. Concerned that the immediate publication of their ideas would lead to outright dismissal, the Council collaborated to introduce the ideas into their respective parties. After the June election, Brooker introduced their plans to the King's Council; the proposal was controversial, with many Republican and NDLP figures calling for a new election, as the Great Expansion had not been contained within the government's manifesto. After several days of debate and whipping, the bill narrowly passed, and Brooker was tasked with drawing the new territorial boundaries. The Great Expansion remains Sorrenia's most radical endeavour to date. Previously, Sorrenia's territorial claim stood at 140km<sup>2</sup>; afterwards, it stood at 28,000km<sup>2</sup> - this would make Sorrenia the 11<sup>th</sup> largest micronation in the world, larger than 54 macronational countries. The Expansion also involved a doubling of the number of representatives in the King's Council, and the incorporation of [[Hortania]], a micronation to Sorrenia's south. The Expansion also involved an abandonment of all non-contiguous claims, such as [[Gran Pais]]. Though controversial at the time, the Great Expansion is now lauded as a great success; Northumbrianism is now accepted in some form by all major parties, and Sorrenia itself has seen a marked departure from emphasis on its micronational characteristics, towards an emphasis on its cultural and historical connection to Northumbria.
=== July 2018 - November 2018: Monarchist Dominance ===
| 1x New Monarchists <br> 1x The Republicans <br> 1x Christian Alliance
|[[File:Bowburn Flag.png|100px|border]]
|[[File:Durham Crest.gif|75px|border]]
|[[South Durham]]
| 1x 2x New Monarchists <br> 1x NDLP
|[[Great Derwent]]
| 2x 1x New Monarchists
|[[File:ESC Flag.png|100px|border]]
|[[File:Dradelian Emblem.png|75px|border]]
| 1x DRF<br> 1x Communist
| 5x 6x The Republicans <br> 4x 2x NDLP
|[[File:Flag of Northumberland.svg.png|100px|border]]
| 2x The Republicans <br> 1x New MonarchistsNDLP
|colspan= "13" style="text-align:center; background:#bfd7ff;"| '''Tees Area'''
| 1x 5x The Republicans <br> 1x New Monarchists<br> 1x NDLP
|colspan= "13" style="text-align:center; background:#bfd7ff;"| '''Yorkshire Area'''
| 3x HNP 4x NDLP <br> 2x NDLP 3x HNP <br> 1x The Republicans
| 1x 2x The Republicans<br> New Monarchists
| 2x 4x New Monarchists <br> 1x 3x NDLP
|colspan= "13" style="text-align:center; background:#bfd7ff;"| '''North-west Area'''
| 3x Christian Alliance <br> 2x NDLP
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