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Kingdom of Sorrenia

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War of the Sorrenian Succession
On the fourth of April, 2018, Ronald I announced a complete and total victory, and was crowned [[Sorrenian Monarchy|King of Sorrenia and Dradelia, Amon Lasgalen, Morgannwg, and Duke of Creton]], birthing the Kingdom of Sorrenia.
The War of the Sorrenian Succession had a lasting impact on Sorrenia. Ronald's successes allowed him to create a powerful monarchy with many executive and legislative powers, far beyond what the moderates within his coalition intended. Many leading Sorrenian politicians, such as Harold Wanton, Michael Disraeli, Phillip Pompeia, Llewelyn Lawton, and others, took part in the War, and engrained political divisions emerged from the dissatisfaction of the socialists and Dradelian nationalists with the result.
=== Foundations and the Great Expansion ===

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