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Finn (Essexia)

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Since the 20th of June, Finn has been a member of the Discord of the [[Fifth Aenderian Republic]] as a private citizen of Essexia. Slightly less than a month later, on the 14 July 2019, Finn's request for Aenderian citizenship was approved. Making him one of two Essexians to hold dual micronational citizenship.
Finn once again became [[First Minister of Essexia]] on the 5th of January2020, following the events of the [[Grey Weekend]]. An unprecedented vote of no confidence forced him to resign on the 14th February, leaving Second Minister Lord Jamie to assume power.
The parliament was restored by Emperor Terry after 8 days of martial law and the LSC returned to parliament with one fewer seat than they left, with newly created [[Old Guard Party]] having a plurality of seats with 5 of the 11 seats. The LSC were relegated to a secondary opposition after the Emperor's reinstatement of parliament, although they have less Lords than the Royalists, they are seen as a more credible opposition. He has also supported the idea of forming an alliance with the New Royalists, however would not do so without the support of the LSC.
=== Rhino Administration ===Following the pragmatic creation of the [[Rhino Alliance]], due to the [[Grey Weekend]], the membership of the alliance chose Earl Finn as leader of the organisation as he was seen as the most experienced option to lead Essexia after the minor crisis. He subsequently confirmed as First Minister on the 5th of January 2020. This began his third term in the role. However, this term became the shortest in Essexian history, after only 40 days; the [[Giraffe Concordat]] held a successful vote of no confidence, forcing Earl Finn to resign. He was then made Minister of the Interior.
==Personal Life==

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