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Exarchate of New Byzantium

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Government & Politics
==Government & Politics==
The government of the Kingdom was a Federal Constitutional Elective Monarchy. The head of the state was the King. The King was elected by the Royal Elective Synod (R.E.S). The R.E.S consists 9 Despots (''despótēs'<nowiki/>''','''"lords",greek Δεσπότης''). The legislative and administrative authority was the King and the Chancellery of the State. The head of the Chancellery was the Chancellor of the State. The chancellery includes the foreign secretariat , the interior and justice secretariat, the expansion secretariat and finally one royal representative. The Chancellery of State had been elected by the people and appointed by the King. After the administrative reorganization of 1st of January 2020 the Exarchate of Eleftheria has administratively subordinate to the Praetorian Prefecture of Thracia.
==Nobility & Noble titles ==

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