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Criticism of the GUM

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On 29 July 2019, Shiro of [[Zenrax]] brought the [[Great Micronational War]] to the attention of the GUM (as well as the MicroWiki community) and suggested they try to mediate the conflict. Shiro, admitting his opinion may be biased, sided with Etukan. This was met with heavy criticism, regarding the fact that the so-called "war" was not actually a war, and mainly consisted of mass-pinging and [[w:Discord (software)|Discord]] raids, and had other unverified claims. Etukan had also supposedly started the conflict. The GUM decided not to take action and stated that the so-called war was "pathetic".
Also in July, the [[Organisation Of Active Micronations (New Eiffel Union)|OAM]] under the leadership of [[Charles Ross]] and [[James Ellis]] began a campaign to lesson lessen what they perceived to be the GUM's influence over the organisation. During this campaign, both Ross and Ellis (along with other OAM member states) openly criticized the GUM for it's its bureaucracy and at one point, even accused the GUM of being [[YAMO]]. These attempts to antagonize the GUM mostly failed and (ironically) upon the OAM's dissolution in August of 2019, many of the group's former members emigrated to joined the GUM.
On 12 January 2020, the [[Ponderosa Hills and the Grand Unified Micronational|Ponderosan]] [[People's Supreme Assembly|legislature]] voted unanimously to leave<ref>[ Ponderosa Hills leaves the the Grand Unified Micronational], Retrieved 12 January 2020</ref> after the Chair [[Thomas Bainbridge]] suspended Ponderosa Hills's representative [[Leon Montan]] after swearing and not using decorum language in the lounge channel. In an earlier press conference, Leon Montan said that Thomas is an "[[w:Imperialism|imperialist]]" and "[[w:Egomania|egomaniac]]", and that he had banned Leon for "rules that are't applicable",<ref></ref> referring to the lobby rules which did not say they apply to the lounge.

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