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Kingdom of the Saugeen

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|demonym = Saugenian
|currency = Canadian dollar
|time zone = EST]])}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:The '''Kingdom of the Saugeen}}==allies==[[File:Union ''' is a micronation comprising of Mountain States3 states and a federal district. The capital is Saugeen City as well as the most populous city.png|25px]] [[Union Of Mountain States| Union Most of Mountain States]]*the country is located in North America with most borders touching [[Filew:Newnatlinflag.pngCanada|25pxCanada]] [[United Provinces . The Kingdom of the Saugeen is an absolute monarch and is one of Natlin]]|*[[File:FederationofEastMichigan.PNG|25px]] [[Federation the founding member nations of East Michigan]]*[[File:Delphia.png|25px]] the [[Federal States of DelphiaVanguard League]]*[[File:UnitedOceanStates.jpg|25px]][[United Ocean States]]
==subdivisionsHistory== ===west ontario===[[File:west_ontario.png|200px]] West ontario is the second smallest state by population ===geeba===[[File:geeba.jpg|200px]] Geeba is the largest state by land and population===Saugeen City===[[File:Saugeen_city.jpg|200px]] Saugeen city is the capital of the kingdom of the saugeen it has the second biggest population and land area it is not a state its a fedaral district===nix===Smallest in land and population state has not flag ==political partys== (No logos yet)These are for the future prime minister witch will have equal power to |the king*|Liberals 3*|Communest 1*|Facist 1 ==military== The kingdom of the saugeen has a very small military with 5 total soldiers and 1 supply carrier these are devided into the company's with the 1st Infantry company having 3 soldiers and the 2nd infantry company having 2 soldiers

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