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{{WIP}}{|class="infobox" style="font-size: 90%; text-align: left; width: 23em"!colspan="2" style="text-align: center; background:#B0C4DE; color:"|Mahusetan Broadcasting Service|-|colspan="2" style="text-align: center"|[[File:MahusetEdMBS logo.svgpng|noframe|150px]]<br /><small>Logo</small>|-![[w:Types of businnes entity|Type]] |[[w:Broadcaster|Broadcaster]] ([[w:Radio|Radio]] and [[w:Television|television]],[[w:Website|online]] and -in the future- [[w:Printing|printing]])|-!Industry|[[w:Mass media|Mass media]]|-!Country|[[United Kingdom of Greater Mahuset and the Mahusetan Realm]]|-!Headquarters|[[Alkmaar]], [[Mahuset]]|-!Availability|Nationwide; Worldwide|-!Owner|MahusetoniTV|-!Key people|[[Emiel Hardy|Emilo I]]|-!colspan="2" style="background:#B0C4DE; color:black; text-align: center"||}The '''Mahusetan Broadcasting Service''', abbreviated as '''MBS''' and stylized as '''mbs''', is an [[Mahuset|Mahusetan]] privately-owned public radio and television broadcasting corporation, founded on January 2014. It is owned by MahusetoniTV, which itself is owned by the Eniak Government and Oxocero Holdings. The MBS operates at the moment a YouTube channel, with thoughts of creating a 24/7 web-tv channel as well as other stations and a radio service having been made. The MBS, also characterized as Mahuset's face to the world, broadcasts programs related to Mahuset, news, sports or entertainment material in general.==Channels=====Current==={|class="wikitable"|-! colspan=2|Logo and name! colspan=1|Details|-|[[File:MBS1.png|100px]]|mbs1|Being MBS' main channel, it broadcasts almost everything, from news to series|-|[[File:MBSAIR.png|100px]]|mbsAIR|mbsAIR is the radio program of MBS.|} ===Planned==={|class="wikitable"|-! colspan=2|Logo and name! colspan=1|Details|-|[[File:MBS2.png|100px]]|mbs2|Upon creation, mbs2 will broadcast programs similar to those of mbs1|-|[[File:MBS3.png|100px]]|mbs3|mbs3 will mainly broadcast programs related to entertainment.|-|[[File:MBS+.png|100px]]|mbs+|mbs+ shall mainly show Dutch programs, foreign programs and media related to music and sports.|-|[[File:MBSALOL.png|100px]]|mbsALOL|mbsALOL will mainly broadcast programs related to micronational entertainment.|-|[[File:MBS1HD.png|100px]]|mbs1HD|It will show mbs1 in Full HD (1920x1080).|}

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