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====Founding====On 16 June 16, 2011, [[Bradley of Dullahan]] was assigned by the server administrator, [[Quentin of Wyvern|King Quentin of Wyvern]], to create start points for territorial claims by Ultamiya and another nation, the [[Federal Republic of Flatland]]. Bradley constructed a wall dividing the two territories, made out of cobblestone and glowstone, and gave the territory to the north to Flatland and the area south of the wall to Ultamiya.
David quickly got to work clearing the land of trees and leveling it. For a while, the only structure was a strange tower made out of glowstone, which was retouched and named the Minaka Tower. By the end of the day, however, quite a few structures had been built, including a governor's office, a Flatlandian embassy, a church, and even a highrise, the Ultamiya Mining Headquarters.
Construction of the city did not stop the next day, as housing sprang up south of the other buildings, and roads were established. However, on 18 June 18, construction shifted east to begin the Sakura Turnpike, a 1.74 mile-long road running from Sakura to the Spawn Plateau, where the default spawn for the server is located. It was completed on 23 June 23, much of it being built the last two days.
After that, the city of Kanachia was established along the Turnpike at about mile 0.35, and three buildings and a fort were built before the center of attention moved back west.
Progress stalled for a few days due to single-player combat, however by the middle of the week business picked up again with the establishment of a Post Office in Sakura and the building of the Ultamiya World Tower. However, it was dismantled and began reconstruction, this time much bigger. After it was finished on 2 July 2, followed by a greenhouse, the center of attention moved back east again to Kanachia in order to build housing, the Rosaria Apartments. On July 3, after that finished, the Ultamiya Pacific Rail Company was officially inaugurated after building a railway linking the two cities.
After the construction of a church in Kanachia, a plaza, and the institution of stone flooring in both cities, a third city got underway with the establishment of Tanaga on July 5. The railroad between it and Sakura was quickly built and housing development started that evening.

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