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Themed micronationalism

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*'''[[Principality of Phokland|Phokland]]''' is heavily influenced by the the [[w:Holy Roman Empire|Holy Roman Empire]] and the [[w:Principality of Liechtenstein|Principality of Liechtenstein]].
*'''[[Renasia]]n''' culture is derived from a science-based future in the mid-21st century.
*'''[[Sirocco]]''' is perhaps one of the best-known examples of historic theming with its basis on a nostalgic revival of 1950s America. Advertising, broadcasting, music and even [[Atomic Calendar|its own calendar]] are all heavily inspired by the [[w:Atomic Age|Atomic Age]]. While focus is based on the 1950s decade, it has been said that the country is inspired by the years 1945 to 1965. Some social elements of the era (such as racismracial attitudes) are discarded in order to create a nostalgic, rather than accurate, reflection of the 1950s.
**There is also a smaller, but notable element of 1990s technological culture in Sirocco, which is sometimes used with the more dominant 1950s culture for humourous effect (see right).
*'''[[St.Charlie]]''' has occasionally utilised 1970s and 1980s culture.

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