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Austenasian Nobility

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#Lord Pierre-Henri Paccard, Duke of Viennensis: 23 August 2019 - present
*Duke/Duchess of Cilicia
*Duke/Duchess of Opsikion
*Count of Seleucia
#[[Terry I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIH Emperor Father Terry]]: 19 September 2019 - present
*Count of Bithynia
#Lord İsmetcan Saraç, Count of Bithynia: 31 October 2019 - present
===Barons and Baronesses===
*[[Seleucia ad Cilicia|Baron of Seleucia ad Cilicia]]
#Lord Cagatay Altintaş, Baron of Seleucia ad Cilicia: 19 September 2019 - present
*[[Chalcedon|Baron/Baroness of Chalcedon]]
#[[Lady Sophia Albina|Lady Sophia Albina, Countess of Nova Albion]]
#*''[[Terry I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIH Emperor Father Terry]], as Count of Seleucia''.
#Lord İsmetcan Saraç, Count of Bithynia
#[[Lord John Gordon|Lord John Gordon, Viscount of Thetford]]
#*''[[Crown Princess Caroline of Austenasia|HIH Crown Princess Caroline]], as Baroness of Wrythe''.
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