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Kingdom of Calcon

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The Shenandoah Valley has mountains, easy to get to places, and not too many people if you know where to go. He kinda likes it where he's at, but also thinking about going to Maine or some other cooler place. The king does not like anything 80 or above because this creates fatigue and heat cramps with good amount of exposure and activity. Anything 80 or above is counted into the heat index.
On May 26, 2018 at 8:10 AM, King Caleb invaded some nearby pine woods near Longs, SC. He saw that there was not much stone or wood around, but a few sticks. Most of the wood was going to decompose. The name of this new colony is Sappato. That means "sappy evergreen territory" in Calconian. Caleb plans on having sugarcane, tomatoes, winter wheat, some herbs, and even bananas. However, the ground is very sandy for the most part. On May 27, 2018, he finished his house with some thatches and sticks. He also collected some blackberries. The first streets and property lines were starting to be defined and planned. The next day, the monarch proposed sorghum since it would grow in the sand-loam soil. He even decided to use urine for those plants since it has potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. These three minerals are essential for plant growth. However, these corn plants did not survive due to extremely hot weather and too far of a distance away. Also, keep in mind it was in partial shade and more rain than what it would otherwise be.

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