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List of Cool Barbie characters

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Agent Holly
*First appearance: ''Cool Barbie V - Stepping towards the Sky'' (non-credited, 2010) / ''Cool Barbie VI - Revenge of the Uprisor'' (credited, 2011)
*Last appearance: ''Cool Barbie XIII - The Assassin'' (2017)
Agent Holly is a Spectrum agent recruited alongside Corporal Barbie at the start of CB.V. He is given the jurisdiction of north-east Carshalton, and his voice is heard at the end of CB.VI, when he flies the attack helicopter which forces Colin to release Corporal Barbie. He is also seen in the first of the 2015 minisodes, attending Moonita's coronation. His final and most substantial appearance is at in CB.XIII, when he is called in by Xeaphon to help Corporal Barbie track down a creature that has infiltrated the Land. After discovering that most of the Doll Senate has been murdered, he is tasked with getting King Yellow Bear to safety, which he does so successfully despite being killed by the Spider.
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