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List of Cool Barbie characters

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Minor characters
*The '''King of Crepundia''' is a doll featured in CB.VII. He protests against the government raising taxes to pay for new weapons to defend the Land against Colin, as he believes that no such attack is imminent and that said weapons will be used merely to oppress the populace. He leads a riot when the "superweapon" is unveiled and revealed to be the Dalek, which results in his followers leaving the Land and founding their own, [[Crepundia]], of which he is crowned King by Xeaphon.
*'''Lieutenant Green''' is the Spectrum Agent for South London. Voiced by [[Lord Timothy]], he is featured (although not seen) in CB.IV, flying an attack helicopter which unsucessfully attempts to subdue Colin's uprising.
*'''Major Brown''' is the Spectrum Agent for England. He appears in CB.V manning a Spectrum base temporarily in the Land, from which he gives Corporal Barbie and Sergeant Grey their mission to the Moon.*'''Major Orange''' is the predecessor of Major Brown. He does not appear in any episodes, but Sergeant Grey sends a message to him in CB.IV, and in CB.V the Supreme Allied Commander accidentally uses his name to address Major Brown.
*The original '''Minister of Defence''' (not to be confused with the Troll Leader or Hippo, both later given the job by Colin and King Yellow Bear respectively) was a teddy bear who appeared in CB.II and CB.III as the overall leader of the Land's military, helping to organise the Land's response to Bubbles' attacks. He has been killed in a car crash by CB.IV, in which Colin admits to his followers that it was a deliberate assassination on his behalf.
*'''Queen Emily I''' was the monarch of the toys before February 2007, when she was abducted by a Giant on her son Colin's orders (CB.IV) so that he could gain power. It is not specified whether she ruled alongside King Ken II, or whether he was merely her consort, but upon her abduction he became sole monarch.
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