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Red Green Alliance

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Electoral results
{{Infobox Party
|name_english = Labour PartyRed Green Alliance
|name_native =
|logo = [[File:noflag.png|200px]]
| leader2_title =
| leader3_title =
| leader1_name = [[Billy Thompson|Lord Thompson]]
| leader2_name =
| leader3_name =
|anthem =
|foundation = 18 July 2015(as the Labour Party)
|headquarters = [[Astonia]] ''(unofficial)''
|newspaper =
|membership = 5
|membership_year = 2018
|ideology = [[w:Socialism|Socialism]], [[w:Environmentalism|Environmentalism]]|position = [[w:CentreLeft-leftwing politics|CentreLeft-leftwing]]
|national =
|international =
|colors = Red, Green|seats1_title = [[House of Citizens]]|seats1 = {{Infobox political party/seats|3|13|hex=Red}}|seats2_title = [[Ruling Council]]|seats1 seats2 = {{Infobox political party/seats|12|129|hex=Red}}
|flag =
|footnotes =
The '''Red Green Alliance''', formerly known as the '''Labour Party''' of Adammia , is a [[political parties|political party]] in the [[Empire of Adammia]]. It Labour was established by [[Reginald Hall|Lord Sir Reginald Hall]] on 18 July 2015. The party rose to prominence in 2016, when its candidate [[Paul McKenna|Lord Paul McKenna]] was [[Adammic national election, 2016|elected]] as [[Prime Minister of Adammia|AdammiaPrime Minister]]. The party's support collapsed in 2017 and it became dormant until June 20172018, when it was revived by [[Sam Maude|Lord Sam Maude]], who became [[Deputy Prime Minister of Adammia|Deputy Prime Minister]]. The After the leadership of the party is currently led was assumed by [[Billy Thompson]]in September 2019, he renamed it to the Red Green Alliance.
The party performed poorly in the August 2017 national election, slipping into third place. Following the government transition to the new Birmingham provinces at the start of the Second Era, the party failed to recruit any new members and lost all of its Ruling Council representation, causing widespread belief that it had been all but eliminated as a mainstream political party. However, Lord Sir Sam Maude joined the party in June 2018, offering it a lifeline. Sir Reginald Hall finally stepped down as party president in September 2018, making way for Lord Maude.
Under Maude, the party adopted a more radical agenda, echoing the demands of the recently-founded [[Storm Party]] for constitutional reform, whilst distancing itself from some of Storm's more controversial policies. Maude came third in the 2018 national election, with 17.71% of the vote. He was subsequently formed a coalition government with the Storm Party and was appointed by [[Juliano Saunders|Lord Saunders]] as Deputy Prime Minister and as [[Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Adammia)|Minister of Foreign Affairs]]. During his term, Maude often acted as a voice of compromise between the Storm Party and the opposition [[Liberal-Moderate Party|Liberal-Moderates]].
Maude was the sole active voice of Labour until Billy Thompson joined the party, and Maude handed the party leadership over to him in September 2019. Several days later, Thompson rebranded the party as the Red Green Alliance, adopting a more hardline left-wing stance as well as an environmentalist position, becoming the first political party in Adammia to call for the nation to [[w:Climate emergency declaration|declare a climate emergency]].
*[[Reginald Hall|Lord Sir Reginald Hall]] (18 July 2015 - 24 September 2018)
*[[Sam Maude|Lord Sir Sam Maude]] (24 September 2018 - 5 September 2019)
*[[Bily Billy Thompson|Lord Billy Thompson]] (5 September 2019 - ''present'')
==Electoral results==
| align=left|{{Infobox political party/seats|1|10|hex=Red}}
| align=right| 10.0% {{increase}}
| [[Adammic local elections, 2019|2019]]
| align=right|-
| align=right|-
| align=left|{{Infobox political party/seats|2|9|hex=Red}}
| align=right| 22.2% {{increase}}
| [[2020 Adammic local elections|2020]]
| align=right|-
| align=right|-
| align=left|{{Infobox political party/seats|4|11|hex=Red}}
| align=right| 36.4% {{increase}}
===General Elections===
{| class="wikitable"
! rowspan=2 | Election year
! rowspan=2 | First preferences
! rowspan=2 | Total score
! rowspan=2 | Score percentage
! colspan=2 | Seats
! Count
! Of total
| [[Adammic general election, 2019|2019]]
| align=right|4
| align=right|8.57
| align=right|18.9% {{increase}}
| align=left|{{Infobox political party/seats|3|13|hex={{Red Green Alliance/meta/color}}}}
| align=right|23.1%
| [[2020 Adammic general election|2020]]
| align=right|6
| align=right|8.23
| align=right|15.9% {{decrease}}
| align=left|{{Infobox political party/seats|3|13|hex={{Red Green Alliance/meta/color}}}}
| align=right|23.1% {{steady}}

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