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National symbols of New Wessex

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The '''national flag of the [[United Kingdom of New Wessex]]''', usually known simply as the '''Flag of New Wessex''' or the '''New<ref>While the demonym of the UKNW is simply "Wessaxon", this is sometimes lengthened to "New Wessaxon" when a distinction needs to be made from the [[w:Wessex|heptarchtical Ango-Saxon kingdom of Wessex]].</ref> Wessaxon Flag''', is the flag used to represent the country and its people. The current flag was designed by the King of New Wessex, [[Declan I, II & V|Declan I]].
The features displayed on the flag represent various national and cultual aspects of the [[Wessaxon people]]. It consists of the same hollowed-out [[w:St George's Cross|St. George's Cross]] used in the flag of constituent country [[Kingdom of Wilcsland|Wilcsland]], edged in white, superimposed on a modified [[w:Saint Patrick's Saltire|St. Patrick's Saltire]]. The former is used to represent Wilcsland, whereas the latter is used to represent the Irish heritage of the [[House of Mac Donnchadha-Houghton]], the ruling dynasty of New Wessex. This gives the flag a similar look to that of the [[w:Union Jack|Union Flag]], the [[w:United Kingdom|British]] national flag, which also features a superimposition of the St. George's Cross and St. Patrick's Saltire. The St. Patrick's Saltire is modified by the addition of counterchanged lines of yellow and green - these represent the other former Wessaxon constituent country, possession [[Orly]], as yellow and green are the only two colours found in both the flags of the [[Kingdom of the Grove|Grove]] and [[Kingdom of Copan|Copan]],<ref>Not including red, which is used both in the flag of the Grove and to a minor extent in the flag of Copan - however, it is in the Copanese flag only as a result of being featured in the flag of Wilcsland, two states which is used in the canton of the Copanese flag and so not part of the main design itself.</ref> the two Orlian administrative divisionscomprise Orly.
Two variants on this design had been created and proposed before the current flag was chosen for official use:
|image3_width =
|image3_caption =
|armiger = The [[Wessaxon Monarchy|King of New Wessex]]; the [[Kingdom of Wilcsland|King of Wilcsland]]; the [[Orly|King of Orly]]; the [[House of Mac Donnchadha-Houghton]]
|year_adopted = 20 October 2012
|crest = Heraldic Wessaxon Imperial crown
The '''coat of arms of New Wessex''' is the coat of arms used by [[Declan I, II & V]] in his official capacity as [[Wessaxon Monarchy|King]] of New Wessex and as King of its two constituent countries country [[Kingdom of Wilcsland|Wilcsland]] and [[Orly]], and is used throughout New Wessex to represent the authority of the monarch. Unveiled on 20 October 2012, it was designed by [[Haakon Lindstrom]] and [[Declan I, II & V]] and adopted for official use later that day.
The shield in the centre of the coat of arms is quartered. The first and fourth quarters depict a golden rampant lion with blue tongue and claws on a red background: the lion is the national animal both of New Wessex and Wilcsland, but it also represents the British origins of New Wessex - the lion is depicted as golden on a red background as in the [[w:Royal coat of arms of England|English coat of arms]], but it is also depicted as a single rampant lion rather than three passant guardant lions, and has blue claws and tongue, as in the [[w:Royal coat of arms of Scotland|Scottish coat of arms]]. The second and third quarters depict a golden [[w:Clàrsach|Cláirseach]] (Irish harp) with silver strings on a blue background - the [[w:Coat of arms of Ireland|coat of arms of Ireland]]. This represents the Irish heritage of the ruling dynasty of New Wessex, the [[House of Mac Donnchadha-Houghton]].
The shield is set in front of royal ermine robes of red, white and gold, and bordered by a [[w:Livery collar|livery collar]] which hangs down from the robes. In front of the robes but behind the collar and shield are two crossed sceptres - one is the [[National symbols of New Wessex#Sceptre|Wessaxon sceptre]], and another is a golden sceptre tipped with an effigy of a seated monarch, itself holding a sceptre and a [[w:Globus cruciger|globus criciger]]. These two sceptres represent the power and the authority of the monarch. The coat of arms is topped by the [[National symbols of New Wessex#Imperial crown|Wessaxon Imperial crown]] as a crest.
The coat of arms was adopted in October 2012 - since the foundation of New Wessex in January earlier that year, the UKNW had used the coat of arms of Wilcsland which had been created in November 2011, but the new coat of arms replaced the earlier arms in Wilcsland too. The coat of arms of New Wessex are They also used as the arms of its other consituent country [[Orly]], which had since its foundation never had an officially used coat of arms. Furthermore, they replaced the previous coat of arms of the [[House of Mac Donnchadha-Houghton]], which had been used since 2011.
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The '''Wessaxon Imperial crown''' is a design for a crown often depicted in Wessaxon art and heraldry. It is most notably featured in the [[National symbols of New Wessex#Coat of arms|coat of arms of New Wessex]], but has also been used in several portraits of monarchs. The first known depiction of the Wessaxon Imperial crown was during the [[War of the Orlian Reunification]] in December 2010 - [[Declan I, II & V]] drew a self-portrait of himself wearing a crown with eight half-arches to hint that he would soon [[Fall of Wrythe|be holding]] the rank of [[Austenasian Monarchy|Emperor]]. The crown in this portrait was depicted as very similar to the [[w:Imperial Crown of India|Imperial Crown of India]], which likewise has eight half-arches to display a claim to Imperial rank.
The Imperial crown depicted in the coat of arms has a different design, however. Although it maintains the distinguishing eight half-arches, they are a lot higher, with no cap visible. The circlet is topped with cross pattées stylised in the shape of shamrocks, representing the Irish heritage of the [[House of Mac Donnchadha-Houghton]]. The Wessaxon Imperial crown in the coat of arms symbolises symbolised the personal union of New Wessex with the [[Empire of Austenasia]], as well as the "imperial " power of New Wessex in its own right in the sense of its monarch's control over many wide-spread territories.
==National animals==
The '''[[w:Lion|lion]]''' is the national animal of New Wessex. The lion was the national animal of the [[Kingdom of the Taklamacan]] in 2005 - the Taklamacan merged into the [[Kingdom of Moylurg]] in March 2010, and Moylurg transitioned into the Wessaxon constituent country of Wilcsland in November later that year. The lion was adopted as the national animal of New Wessex due to previously having been the Wilcslandian national animal.
While New Wessex and its constituent country Wilcsland share the lion as their national animal, its other constituent country Orly does not have an official designated national animal. '''Afroduck''', a [[w:Crested Duck (domestic breed)|white crested duck]] with a distinctive crest on its head, is often considered a mascot of sorts of Orly, as are two herons which nest and feed in Orly and the [[w:River Wandle|River Wandle]] which runs through it, sometimes known as the '''Carshalton/Grove Herons'''.
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