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Finn (Essexia)

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| nationality = [[w:United Kingdom|British]]
| residence = [[w:Danbury, Essex|Danbury]], [[Essexia]]
| occupation = [[Warden of the Royal Bank]]<br> <small>''formerly''</small> [[First Minister Parliament of Essexia|First MinisterLeader of the Opposition]]
| signature =
|party = [[Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party of Essexia|Liberal Socialist]]
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The Rt. Hon. Earl Finn designed the public [[Essexian Yen]] banknotes, helped create the RBE, and provides assistance to Emperor Terry and [[Lord Jack of Essexia|Lord Jack]]. He also designed the coat of arms of Essexia as well as the coat of arms for Emperor Terry. On the 10th of October 2018, Earl Finn founded Essexian Aeronautical and Space Technologies Laboratories (EAST), a science corporation with the objective of space exploration. Later that month on the 25th of October 2018 he founded the [[FAR Network]].<br>Additionally, he was the First Minister of the Commonwealth of Essexia for two terms (serving as Essexia's only Prime Minister in his first term), and is Essexia's only First Minister of a minority.
Earl Finn designed the logo and coat of arms of the Royal Bank of Essexia on the 31st of May 2019.
On 28 July 2019, 1 am BST, Earl Finn served as judge of the Aenderian case "The Government of Aenderia, et al. v Russell Gilzem". He drew criticism from the defence for refusing to state [[Fifth Aenderian Republic|Aenderia]] had no authority over to prosecute Mr Gilzem as in the eyes of the court Auvenum, where the offences took place, had illegally seceded from Aenderia.

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