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Founding Fathers of Essexia

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===September Coup===
Prior to the ratification of the Constitution of Essexia, the Nation had been through significant turmoil, with [[Lord Crown Minister Jack of Essexia|Lord Jack]] and the NatCon party leading a coup against Emperor Terry due to Terry making significant tyrannical rulings against the Parliament. The Conservative coup was successful and established the short-lived Federation of Essexia, with Lord Jack's [[National Conservative Party of Essexia|National Conservatives]] assuming power of the new State. After a three days, the Federal Senate had agreed to end the Civil War. The Senate agreed to end the war and Republic rule, and Emperor Terry resumed the Kingship albeit with much less power. The Federation, although short-lived, set the foundation for the much more democratic Commonwealth of Essexia.
* [[Emperor Terry of Essexia]]
* [[Lord Crown Minister Jack of Essexia|Lord Jack]]
* [[Lord Matthew of Essexia|Lord Matthew]]
* [[Lord Adam of Essexia|Lord Adam]]

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