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The '''District of Minaka''' was a territory claimed by the [[Kingdom of Varina]] on a server on the game ''Minecraft'' that is run by the [[Kingdom of Wyvern]]. Previously operated by the [[Republic of Ultamiya]], Minaka claims territory in two different servers which have been assigned names by the district. The original server, North Wyvernia, has three cities, and Avolia, an island off the coast of Upper Wyvernia, a January-April January–April 2012 server, has one.
Minaka was the only District of Varina, the other regions being provinces or occupied areas.
On June 16th16, 2011, [[Bradley of Dullahan]] was assigned by the server administrator, [[Quentin of Wyvern|King Quentin of Wyvern]], to create start points for territorial claims by Ultamiya and another nation, the [[Federal Republic of Flatland]]. Bradley constructed a wall dividing the two territories, made out of cobblestone and glowstone, and gave the territory to the north to Flatland and the area south of the wall to Ultamiya.
David quickly got to work clearing the land of trees and leveling it. For a while, the only structure was a strange tower made out of glowstone, which was retouched and named the Minaka Tower. By the end of the day, however, quite a few structures had been built, including a governor's office, a Flatlandian embassy, a church, and even a highrise, the Ultamiya Mining Headquarters.
Construction of the city did not stop the next day, as housing sprang up south of the other buildings, and roads were established. However, on June 18th18, construction shifted east to begin the Sakura Turnpike, a 1.74 mile-long road running from Sakura to the Spawn Plateau, where the default spawn for the server is located. It was completed on June 23rd23, much of it being built the last two days.
After that, the city of Kanachia was established along the Turnpike at about mile 0.35, and three buildings and a fort were built before the center of attention moved back west.
Progress stalled for a few days due to single-player combat, however by the middle of the week business picked up again with the establishment of a Post Office in Sakura and the building of the Ultamiya World Tower. However, it was dismantled and began reconstruction, this time much bigger. After it was finished on July 2nd2, followed by a greenhouse, the center of attention moved back east again to Kanachia in order to build housing, the Rosaria Apartments. On July 3rd3, after that finished, the Ultamiya Pacific Rail Company was officially inaugurated after building a railway linking the two cities.
After the construction of a church in Kanachia, a plaza, and the institution of stone flooring in both cities, a third city got underway with the establishment of Tanaga on July 5th5. The railroad between it and Sakura was quickly built and housing development started that evening.
The morning of July 9th 9 saw the finish of a statue and island in Sakura's Harbor, which takes the shape of a cherry blossom leaf. However, nothing could be done until Quentin returned from holiday which he started on the 15th. Ossie of Behemoth, governor of [[New xtabay|New Xtabay]], Wyvern's claim, took over the server and transferred IP's. Around this time, the Western Winter set in, plunging most of Minaka and other countries' claims near it into a deep freeze, turning the grass around Sakura, for example, into a dark teal color.
The winter did not hamper late-July and early-August, as work began on August 1st 1 on the fourth city of Mokkaino, and the railroad was extended to it from Kanachia that evening.
The original server was then permanently shut off for newer continents. By this time Minaka had gone completely inactive and had given way to direct control of Minecraft claims by the [[Capital District (Ultamiya)|Capital District]]. However, on March 31st31, 2012, David bought Minecraft, and could once again enter the server. This newest incarnation of Wyvernian continents had taken hold in January 2012, but was more expansive biome-wise.
After trekking through Eggmanland, a theme park, and countless blocks of various biomes, the governor set out to sea and discovered the continent of Avolia, which he immediately started work on. By April 1st1, the City Hall of the unnamed city had been built, and by mid-week his residence was complete. Soon, the city was linked with Eggmanland by a cobble road and bridge. Business picked up on Thursday, when a lighthouse was erected on a natural peninsula, and a quarry was started. The Ultamiya Mining Headquarters for the new continent were also built, though the front windows had to be tinkered with.
Friday the 6th brought the completion of the Post Office and the start of the completion of the bridge to Eggmanland; David insisted on making it three long with railings to prevent falling into the ocean. It was on Friday that the city, christened New Sakura, was taken under the wing of Minaka by the President's declaration.
[[File:Ultamiya Mining Construction.png|thumb|right|The New Sakura branch of Ultamiya Mining under construction on June 4th.]]
After that section of the continent went offline, and a new, PVP-turned-Survival server went under development, David ventured into the southeast of this continent of East Wyvernia and eventually settled in a woodland area surrounded by snowfields. He set up a small house and expanded from there. On June 4th4, Ultamiya Mining came back into the fold with the New Sakanisen Mine, and the City Hall went under construction. David switched the namesake of New Sakura to this settlement, renaming the grand fifth Avolia City.
Throughout the following two weeks, New Sakura grew moderately. By June 10th10, housing and connection with other nations had been established. On June 13th13, the Great Cathedral was completed, and on June 15th15, the Nokito Apartments became the third tallest building in Minaka.
Following announcement by Kingdom of Wyvern operator Ossie of Behemoth, that North Wyvernia, the original server, would be reopened to settlement and funding on June 16th16, the first anniversary of Minaka's founding, David organized an expedition back into his native continent to take photos and re-examine the cities and the continent as a whole. When the team landed in Sakura on the morning of the 16th, they were surprised to find everything just as they had left it. Tanaga, however, was half destroyed and Mokkaino had been wiped off the map.
David then decommissioned Mokkaino as an official city, though he kept the exit on the Sakura Turnpike as a memorial, and repaired Tanaga. The expedition then flew back to New Sakura, perhaps leaving the continent forever, as Governor David made the transfer of capital from Sakura to New Sakura. On the morning of June 17th17, he established a desert city named Nosabaku.
After the two cities were linked together on June 18th 18 by the Ultamiya Atlantic Railroad, New Sakura became the focus again. Between June 18th 18 and June 22nd22, the Moritono and Ashigi office buildings were constructed, as well as a fire department and a restaurant. On June 22nd22, the Wilary Mining Company established a branch on the top floor of Ashigi.
The 23rd sealed New Sakura's place as the largest city in Minaka with the completion of The Exaltation, which is currently the tallest building in the District.
Starting on the 28th, a series of excavations took place around New Sakura. Known as the II Expansion, it cleared three hills from the terrain and generated more cobblestone than Minaka had ever had in its stores before. The project was also the longest in Minakan history, ending on July 5th5. The resources from this were used to construct many buildings in New Sakura, including embassy buildings, a conference hall in July 6th6, and the next tallest building in the district, Two Grace Center, on July 8th8.
After a small hiatus, work began on One Grace Center, the district's to-be star, on July 23rd23, however construction was put on hold shortly thereafter due to disinterest.
On July 31st31, tragedy struck New Sakura as the entire city was looted and vandalized by a non-micronationalist. Shaken by the horror of this event, David had no choice but to revoke the capitalhood of the city, and remove the city status of both it and Nosabaku after only two months of activity. After this, Minaka became inactive, though the [[Kingdom of Varina]] declared Minaka its own on May 2nd2, 2013. Following Varina's decline into inactivity, Minaka was nominally declared an independent federation, although by that point none of its cities were accessible.
[[File:Sakura 6-16-2012.png|thumb|left|Sakura on June 16th, 2012.]]
Sakura was the second largest city and cultural capital of the District of Minaka, with many flourishing businesses and rampant development south and eastward. Though it was located along the walled border with Flatland, it was generally peaceful. Three different people had houses in the city, one being owned by the governor (2 Nagano Avenue, located on the same property as the office and connected to it), Luks123 (1 Nagano Avenue), and [[Brayden Yates]], President of Flatland, who administered the territory on the other side of the wall (12 Nagano Avenue). Incidentally, Nagano Avenue was the only street in the city to have housing units (seven), though the road south of it, Aether Road, ended at the Governor's spawn complex, on top of which a house enclosed the spawn area. Sakura served as the capital of the District for its first year, being transferred to New Sakura on June 16th16, 2012, and was the district's largest city until the 22nd.
====City Hall and Old Capitol====
[[File:Kanachia 6-16-2012.png|thumb|left|Kanachia on June 16th, 2012.]]
Kanachia was a mountain town situated about 0.35 miles west of Sakura. (Before the advent of horses, this was a significant distance.) The city's first four buildings were all built on June 25th25, 2011. Located just off of Exit 59 on the Sakura Turnpike, it sat at the bottom of a system of hills and rainforest areas just south of the Turnpike. Kanachia held the most units of housing of any city, with 10, all in the Rosaria Apartment Building (the second tallest building in Old Minaka, after the Ultamiya World Tower in Sakura).
A lot of Kanachia was inspired by a city of the same name on a single-player map, which is reportedly the first city ever built by David. Both versions of Kanachia have a fort (named Fort Misaka), a governor's office/city hall next to it, and a skyscraper on the other side. Other than that, the cities are separate.
===Avolia City===
Avolia City was the capital of Minakan claims on the continent of Avolia on the server of Upper Wyvernia. The city had most of the things other cities do: City hall, a post office, office buildings, and a link to other areas. Sitting east of the main continent on which Wyvern, Egtavia, and other countries sit on, Avolia, expectedly, had a monopoly on Avolia. Though nowhere as grand as its "old" cousin, the city hoped to meet the expectations of Minakan cities with great speed. On June 4th4, 2012, it took up its current name from its old namesake of New Sakura, by declaration of the President.
====Spire of Wyvernia====
Nebesostrov, also known as Tengoshima, was a city-island in East Wyvernia. Nebesostrov was a portmanteau of the Russian words Nebesa and Ostrov, meaning Heaven and Island, respectively (Tengoshima is the same in Japanese). Roads began construction on April 26th26, 2013, but no buildings were ever constructed.
A second Spire of Wyvernia was also planned to be built on Nebesostrov, but also never was.
Mokkaino was an oceanfaring town that was constructed between, approximately, August 1st 1 and August 5th5, 2012, on the original server of North Wyvernia. Though it was perfectly functioning, it came too late in the server to be saved in the archives, and thus, when the server was brought back on in June 2012, it was not present. It was decided that a hurricane struck the town and drastically altered the biomes of the peninsula Mokkaino sat on, before it was decommissioned as a city.
====New Sakura====
[[File:New Sakura.png|thumb|right|New Sakura on July 8th, 2012.]]
New Sakura was the economic and political capital of Minaka from Mid-June to Late-July, 2012. New Sakura sat in a southeasterly forest on the current server of East Wyvernia. It was founded on June 4th4, 2012 and expanded at a moderate pace after that. Originally planned to be entirely wooden, that plan was abandoned after the New Sakanisen Mine was formed and an abandoned mineshaft was discovered. The first goals of New Sakura were to establish Minaka as a premier power on its server and to develop good relations between Ultamiya and the neighboring nations, such as the Arkistan Sultanate and the Republic of Vierra, two other nations on the server.
New Sakura was connected to Arkistan via the 2-mile long New Sakura Turnpike, a branch off of Arkistan on Egtavia Railway's server-wide network, and was connected to Nosabaku via the Ultamian Atlantic Railroad before that line's dismemberment on August 8th8, 2012. It was also home of an office of both Ultamiya Mining, which ran the New Sakanisen Mine before the Tragedy, and the Wilary Mining Company, which was situated on the top floor of the Ashigi Tower, built between June 21st 21 and 22nd22, 2012.
New Sakura overtook Sakura as Minaka's largest city on June 22nd22, 2012. After its collapse, New Sakura was nominally managed by [[Joseph Puglisi]]. Its status after August was unknown.
[[File:Nosabaku.png|thumb|right|Nosabaku on September 27th, 2012.]]The Republic of Nosabaku was a city-state in a desert north of New Sakura. The town was established on June 17th17, 2012, as part of Minaka, with the creation of a City Hall and a Blacksmith. Nosabaku was the literal Romaji translation (Japanese) for "Of the desert", although later the 'No' also came to mean 'Wild' and gained a Kanji of its own. Located approximately a third of a mile north of New Sakura, it was very isolated, with little connection to the rest of the server. Nosabaku was inspired chiefly by the original Wyvern New Xtabay capital of El Chupacabra, before it was decommissioned as a Minakan city on July 31st31, only a month and a half following its founding.
For over a month it sat abandoned, until September 5th5, 2012, when Nosabaku returned to activity as an independent Republic and began on-and-off construction for some months afterward.
[[File:Nosabakuflag.png|thumb|left|The flag of the Republic of Nosabaku.]]
===Sakura Turnpike===
The Sakura Turnpike was generally considered to be Minaka's greatest feat of engineering and took nearly a week to build, starting the morning of June 18th 18 and running to the late evening of June 23rd23. Running 1.74 miles, it spanned over 2400 blocks, passing through five mountains, running along many old buildings, and containing three different rest stops which are on average 0.5 miles apart. The entire road was made of cobblestone, with glowstone markers being set every 10 blocks and wooden signposts for every 0.1 mile traveled and wooden signs for exit and rest stop notifications (exit signs started at 1/8 mile, or 200 blocks, away, and rest stop signs begin 100 blocks away from the entrance on either side). The Turnpike runs generally ENE, starting from Sakura. There were only a few occasions where it turned southward for brief moments, the longest of which were right after the Nishasan Tunnel and near the eastbound terminal.
As could be expected from such a long road, the turnpike ran through at least two nations: Ultamiya, which claims the westbound terminal to the second rest stop, and Gishabrun, which is marked by a sign near the 0.9 mile marker.
*The first structure built in Tanaga was the railroad station, further exemplifying its connection with the railway.
*Aether Road, in Sakura, and the Aether Spawn Complex, are named after an expansion mod called the Aether, that takes place above the cloud level and functions like a Heaven. Expectedly, the Spawn Complex is designed to work like a Heaven, as anyone who spawns there after they die will be in a house on a "cloud" both made of white wool. A staircase going up to it has since been built, and Aether Road has been connected to it.
*David's system of naming servers derives from a name he gave the original server in September 2011, "Wyvernia" during the second server, which Minaka has no claim in. North, South, Upper, and East Wyvernia are names for the first, second, January-April January–April 2012, and current servers. He theorizes they are all part of one massive Wyvernian supercontinent, though in reality they are separate servers and are not connected.

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