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New Springfield

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===National Bank of Seybold===
On 2 January 2019, [[Jason Keourac]], sponsored by the government, of course, built the [[National Bank of Seybold]]. He decided that the location of the National Bank of Seybold should be in the capital of the [[Democratic Republic of Seybold]], [[New Springfield]], the [[Federal District of New Springfield]]. He measured the land area and found a perfect area of 0.37032184 square meters to build the bank. He filled out a Building Permit and sent it to the Head of the [[Seybold Department of Construction]] [[Iyan Seeker]], which was approved at about 3 P.M. GMT-5. After getting the building permit approved, Jason Keourac started the physical construction of the Bank at about 3:15 P.M. GMT-5. He first found two boxes and put a piece of paper on one with the words "WITHDRAWAL" and another one with the words "DEPOSIT". Those two boxes will be used to take or give money to a certain citizen's bank account when the Teller of the Bank is present. Both boxes have the logo of the National Bank of Seybold on it, which is a green cube with square holes on each side and limbs coming out of each side above the words "National Bank of Seybold". Next to those two boxes is another slightly larger box with the words "ONLY TELLERS OPEN". This box will be used to hold bank accounts and the money put into the bank account. There were no bank accounts available, as the [[Seyboldish Florin]]s were printed until the day after, but they will most likely cost ten Seyboldish Florins per Year that can be paid at any time towards the bank. The final part of the bank is a small plastic box that has a label on it with the words "SDOPAE PERMITTED USE ONLY", meaning that a person without permission from the Seybold Department of Printing and Engraving will be fired from their job at the National Bank of Seybold. The box holds newly printed and unused Seyboldish Florins, which was filled on 3 January 2019. Above all of the bank is the logo of the National Bank of Seybold. [[Cooper Norfolk|President Cooper Norfolk]] appointed Jason Keourac as the head of the National Bank of Seybold, which will be a government-funded organization. Jason Keourac was very happy about the foundation of the National Bank of Seybold.
[[New Springfield]] is located in one of the Northernmost spots of the [[Democratic Republic of Seybold]] and is 2.54 meters in elevation.
The residents of [[New Springfield]] are about 66% [[w:Christian|Christian]] and 34% [[w:Hellenism|Partial-Hellenism]].
==Notable People==

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