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Mark Bobssen

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|name = <br/><big> Mark Bobssen</big><br />
|image =Mark fowler in an alpine setting.jpg
|caption = Bobssen near Arthur's Pass Southern Alps New Zealand
|office 1 = Chairman of The Council of Joint Chiefs of Operations
|date 1 = June 1 , 2011
|assumed/in 1 = Assumed
|hos name 1 = Astrid of Zealandia
|successor 1 = Incumbent
|office 2 = First Minister of the Kingdom of Zealandia
|date 2 = October 12 , 2010 - 27 December 2010
|assumed/in 2 = In
|hos name 2 = Astrid of Zealandia
|successor 2 = Sebastian Linden
|office 3 = Member of the Legislative Assembly
|date 3 = June 18 , 2010 - 2012
|assumed/in 3 = In
|hos name 3 = Astrid of Zealandia
|successor 3 = None
|office 4 = Chief of Naval Operations
|date 4 = March 3 , 2010 - 1 June 2011
|assumed/in 4 = In
|hos name 4 = Astrid of Zealandia
|successor 4 = Alexander Whitmarsh
|office 5 = Chancellor of the Exchequer
|date 5 = March 1 to June 17 , 2010
|assumed/in 5 = In
|hos name 5 = Astrid of Zealandia
|successor 6 = Post Abolished
|office 7 = Deputy First Minister
|date 7 = March 1 to June 17 , 2010
|assumed/in 7 = In
|hos name 7 = Astrid of Zealandia
|birthplace = Wellington, New Zealand
|birthname =
|citizenship = [[Zealandia|Zealandian]] n (until 2015)
|nationality = New Zealander
|children = Astrid of Zealandia and Amanda of Zealandia, the Princess Royal
'''Mark Bobssen''' is a former [[Zealandia|Zealandian]] n politician and convicted traitor. <br> He is the father of [[Charlotte Lindström]], the current Chairwoman of Zealandia.
==Early life==
Mark Bobssen born on June 12 , 1960 in the [ Hutt Valley] within [ New Zealand] to Robert and Dawn von Cortina.
Bobssen's upbring was a typical upbring in 1960's New Zealand although due to his father serving in the New Zealand Army Bobssen's Family moved around the north of Wellington a bit. As a child Bobssen was interested in athletics and was once a member of the [,_New_Zealand Featherston] branch of Little Athletics along with his sister Rt. Hon. Helen Bobsdoittur MHC. Bobssen as child also enjoyed fishing with his father either at [ Petone] from the Bridge or Queens wharf in [ Wellington].
==Kingdom of Zealandia Naval Service Career and Political Career==
On March 1 , 2010 Queen Astrid appointed Bobssen as an Admiral and Chief of Naval Operations within the Kingdom.
Bobssen is a staunch supporter of proper military procedure and manners and had modelled the KOZNS on the[ Royal Navy ]and the [ Royal Australian Navy]. Under Bobssen's Leadership the Kingdom of Zealandia Naval Service (KOZNS) had grown to become the largest and most organised military branch in the Kingdom of Zealandia.
In May 2010 Bobssen founded the National People's Party of Zealandia (NPP). The NPP then went on to win the second most amount of seats in the 2010 [[2010 Zealandian General Election|General Election]] and Bobssen became leader of Her Majesty's most loyal opposition.
Bobssen is rather unique in his political standing and this was highlighted when he helped the Government defeat a motion of no confidence in August 2010.
On October 12 , 2010 Bobssen was sworn in as the First Minister of the Kingdom of Zealandia after the incumbent Sir [[Robert Kennedy]] resigned.
==In Government==
==Out of Government==
Bobssen and the NPP lost Government on December 27 , 2010 to the Sebastian Linden led SDP.
Bobssen then lead the NPP into Opposition and started reforming the party to be more compatible with the current views of the People of Zealandia.
On January 1 , 2011 Bobssen was raised to the Peerage as Baron Mark Bobssen, Baron of South Denton
In mid 2011 Bobssen handed over the Parliamentary Leadership of the NPP, to [[Bradley of Dullahan|Admiral Bradley van Dullahan]], although he has retained his seat in Parliament and served as NPP Defence Spokesman.
In May 2011 Bobssen was Promoted from Chief of Naval Operations to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Operations.
*Unlawful Removal of a Person: 2015
On February 9 , 2015 at 2:30 AM (Zealandian Normal Time) Bobssen formally had his citizenship cancelled, with the then Queen of Zealandia stating that her and her sister do not want anything to do with him.
==Former Awards and decorations==
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