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Founding Fathers of Essexia

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The task of writing the Constitution of Essexia was largely given to, the Royalist, Lord Matthew and, the coup leader, Lord Jack, with other founding fathers adding their two cent and doing minor work on the Constitution.<br>Lord Matthew and Jack worked on the Constitution for many months until the final draft was finished and eventually all the remained was ratification. Ratification required all the founding fathers to sign as well as a unanimous pass in Parliament and finally Royal approval. This long process came to an end on 7 January 2019, when the Constitution got royal assent so it came into effect.<br><br> The constitution was not without its controversies, however. One significant example of this is Article II Section 8 of the Constitution which states; <center>{{Quote|<br>If a Senator leaves his party, the Senator loses his seat and a by-election is called}}</center> This section has been critiqued by the Liberal Socialists as it makes senators "puppets of their party not individuals who should be making the right call" as they have a constant threat of being kicked out the party, and therefore losing their seat if they do not vote for what their party wants.
==List of Founding Fathers==
* [[Crown Minister Ben of Essexia|Crown Minister Ben]]
* [[Lord Ben of Essexia|Lord Ben]]

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