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Eran Federation

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|population = 81
|currency = 1 Eran Simoleon = 100 Eran Shekels
|time_zone = ([[w:Coordinated_Universal_TimeCoordinated Universal Time|UTC-5]])
|nat_sport = [[w:Association Football|Association Football]]
|nat_animal = [[w:Butterfly|Butterfly]]
The Eran Federation was created on May 23rd23,2012, although an earlier version, the Byzantine Federation, existed briefly before. The first major event in the history of the Federation was the inclusion of the [[Kingdom of Rafghanistan]]. Following soon after [[Apeland]] and Adrianople joined bringing the membership up to five. The next day, in an unexpected turn, veteran micronation [[Secundomia]] joined as the federation's sixth member. This move brought more activity to Eran and provided a stable platform from which to grow. After a few more days of steady growth and the creation of the national newspaper, the Eranian Herald, a new protectorate, New Yugoslavia, was added as the country's seventh territory. A few days later, the Eranian Stock Exchange was created and Kapsladriik joined as the country's fourth protectorate. On June 14th14, the day before the elections were announced, [[Kinsovea]] joined as the fourth member-state. Soon after, the government issued reforms to the Supreme Chancellor position, making the term electable among other things.
===First Elections===
On June 16th 16 the election results were announced, with [[Parker I]] of [[Secundomia]] becoming the first Prime Minister and Rafi II of the [[Kingdom of Rafghanistan]] becoming the first Courtmaster. This was preceding the first meeting of the Federal Assembly, which was held on June 21, 2012. The meeting was relatively successful, with key points being adding [[Apeland]] as a full member and the creation of political parties and military. A few days later, Eran was accepted as a provisional member of the [[GUM]]. Following soon after was the construction of the first national monument of Eran, located in the [[Kingdom of Rafghanistan]]. Then, on June 28th28, the [[Kingdom of New America]] joined as a protectorate. On the same day the three Fronts of Eran concluded their party leader elections. The next month, New America became a full member, while Apeland was put back as a protectorate. Pretty soon after, the Zacharian International Zone joined as the second ever Government District.
=== [[Situation America]]===
On August 3rd3, 2012, the [[Kingdom of New America]] invaded the Zacharian International Zone and seceded from Eran to form the Eranian Free State. The nation turned into a crisis, however a mere few hours after the invasion, New America and Zacharia rejoined Eran, a key citizen of New America, Cooper of Coopery was arrested and [[Zach I]], King of New America, was exiled from Eran for a period of three days. The major uprising had been quashed in a matter of less than a day. This conflict led to Zach I resigning as King and replacing himself with Thomas I, head of Knoll Island. Zach still remained, however, part of New America. This transition lasted about two days before Zach gave most of New America to Thomas and became Head of a new state, [[New Berlin]]. After following a period of instability, New Berlin left the federation to join the Cruzen Commonwealth. This wasn't seen as a surprise from the general body of Eran as New Berlin had long been unstable politically. In September, during attempts to become more strict and vigilant, the Eranian Police Force was created, after agreeing to become a subdivision of the military. Also during these reforms, New Yugoslavia and Kapsladriik were removed to due inactivity.
==Government and Politics==
| width="1" | [[File:Byzantine.png|border|25px]]
| Byzantine Capital District
| May 23rd23, 2012
| [[Parker I|Prime Minister Parker I]]
| Capital District
| [[File:flagofnarctica.png|border|25px]]
| [[Grand Duchy of the North Antarctic Peninsular Islands]]
| May 23rd23, 2012
| [[Martin I|Grand Duke Martin I]]
| Grand Duchy
| [[File:Rafghanistan.png|border|25px]]
| [[Kingdom of Rafghanistan]]
| May 23rd23, 2012
| [[Rafi II|King Rafi II]]
| Kingdom
| [[File:Kinsovean Flag.png|border|25px]]
| [[Republic of Kinsovea]]
| June 14th14, 2012
| President Adam Smith
| Republic
[[File:Img003.jpg|25px]] [[Republic of Gerenia]]
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