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Finn (Essexia)

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Opposition under Lord Jamie
Lord Chris upset the monarch and due to the '''Monarchical Powers Act''' removed Chris from the role of First Minister, the King turned to Earl Finn become First Minister and he accepted. Throughout Earl Finn's second term as First Minister, it was clear that he was just the democratic figure head to the Royalist government and even as First Minister he would routinely vote against government bills as he was often bypassed in the decision making process. Eventually, it was agreed that Earl Finn would step down as First Minister on the 16th of June 2019. On the 24th of May Lord Matthew instructed Earl Finn that he would resign as First Minister now or be forced out, eventually they agreed Finn would go without a fight at 00:00 on the 27th of May 2019, and the Royalists would vote for any bills he proposed as First Minister. He proposed two bills as First Minister, the first being the '''Economic Regulations Act 2019''', and the second being the '''Hawarden Reforms''' (which consisted of a series of acts and intended to reform the Parliament to become more democratic and fair). These bills were passed and rejected respectively, although the first was later ratified under the Mullings Ministry.
===Opposition under Lord Jamie===
Earl Finn's LSC originally started as the 3rd party under the Mullings Jamie Ministry, and although in opposition during the [[Danbury Conference]] he was a one of the two day members who reviewed the constitution. Earl Finn has worked with the government to pass the bills agreed on at the Danbury Conference but has stated that "''being in opposition is far better than being Matthew's puppet''". Earl Finn was the primary opposition to Jamie's actions during the [[Lord Jamie of Essexia#Events of 27th May 2019|the 27th of May Events]]
====The 2019 Essexian Election====
Even though the LSC did not win the [[2019 Essexian general election]] he managed to secure his party as the official opposition in Essexia. Increasing their seats in parliament by 2 after the day was over, so the LSC had 3 seats in parliament. After the election LSC membership also greatly increased.

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