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Abeldane National Union

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{{Infobox Party
|name_english = Die RechtePopulares|name_native = Abelden's Liberal Party
|logo = [[File:Die Rechte logo.png|200px]]
|colorcode = #FF0000
|colors = {{colorbox|#FF0000}} [[w:Red|Red]]
|seats1_title = [[Cabinet of Abelden|Cabinet positions]]
|seats1 = {{ParlSeats|104|109|hex=#FF0000}}
|seats2_title = [[Reichsversammlung|Seats in the Reichsversammlung]]
|seats2 = {{ParlSeats|106|1812|hex=#FF0000}}
|flag =
|footnotes =
{{WIP}}'''Die RechtePopulares''' is a [[w:Third position|Third position]] political party in the [[Abeldane Empire]]. It was formed by Alejandro Whyatt and Michael T. Brazeau originally as the '''National Federalist Party'''. It was formed due to the latter's exclusion from the [[Federalist Party of Abelden|Federalist Party]] in November, 2017. The party is currently part of the Opposition in the [[Reichsversammlung]], where it has 1 seat. It intends to field a list of candidates, as well as Vorsitzender and Stellvertreter candidates at the [[Abeldane federal election, December 2017|December Election]].=History=
National Federalist Party
The NFP gained the highest share of the vote of any single un-merged party in the history of RVS elections at 33.3% of the vote. It also represents the largest vote-share for any right of centre party and is the only Right of centre party in Abelden.   
==Election History==

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