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[[File:Fröhlichwaffe.png|thumb|Basic Fröhlichwaffe logo, which is used on all Essexian military aircraft.]]
[[File:Fröhlichwaffe Low Visibility.png|thumb|Fröhlichwaffe Low Visibility Logo.]]
The '''Fröhlichwaffe ''' is the air force division of the armed forces of the [[Essexia|Commonwealth of Essexia]]. [[Lord Jack of Essexia|Lord Jack]] is the General of the Armed Forces, and [[Lord Adam of Essexia|Lord Adam]] is General of the Fröhlichwaffe. There are currently 3 aircraft in active service: 2 fixed-wing and 1 helicopter (All of which are serving as the accompanying airwing aboard the CTS-01 REC ''Jaywick''.
== History ==

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