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|15 17 Member nations, 2 observers
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The '''MicroFrancophonie''', '''OMF''' (''Organisation for MicroFrancophony''), is a [[Micronation|micronationalorganisation]] organisation founded on the 30 of May of 2015 with the purpose of promoting harmony between francophone micronationalists. The OMF wants to be a handy tool for its members. It was first initiated by the [[Valinois—Saint-Castin|Autonomous Province of Valinois—Saint-Castin]] and the [[Principality of Aigues-Mortes]], and four more nations ([[Principality of Hélianthis|Hélianthis]], [[Empire of Angyalistan|Angyalistan]], [[Republic of Padrhom|Republic of Padrhom]], [[State of Sandus|Sandus]]) quickly joined the movement and co-founded the OMF, signing its first Charter on the 30th of August 2015. The Charter was revised on the 27th of May 2016 and can be downloaded from the official website of the Organisation.
The first'''Secretary General''', from 2015 to 2017 was H.S.H Olivia-Eugénie, princess of Aigues-Mortes.
Currently, the OMF has 15 17 full members and 2 observers.
* Iroisian Empire of Armorica
* Principality of Austrasia
* [[Principality of Beremagne]]
* [[Grand Duchy of Flandrensis]]
* Fishtown Newport Territory
* [[Principality of Hélianthis]]
* [[Juclandia]]
* [ Kingdom of Legialle]
* Independant State of Nova Troie
* [[Republic of Padrhom|Anacratic Republic of Padrhom]]
* [[State of Sandus|State of Sandus]]
* [[Valinois—Saint-Castin|Republic of Saint-Castin]]
* [[Consulat of Surland|Principality of Surland]]
The second summit has been held in Vincennes, France, near the teritorialized embassy of the [[Empire of Angyalistan]] on 21-22. July 2018 : []
A third summit is planned for the year 2020 but the date and the place where the summit would take place aren't, for the moment, defined.
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