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{{Infobox currency
|name of currency    = New Eiffelic Ping
|image1              = [[File:5,000 New Eiffelic Ping.jpeg|200px]]
|image2              = [[File:1,000 New Eiffelic Ping.jpeg|200px]]
|official_users      = [[New Eiffel]], [[Livettree]]
|unofficial_users    = [[Socialist United Republic of Ünie]]
|pegged_to            =
|symbol              = ℕ
|code                = NEP
|nickname            = Ping, Rectangle, Swiz
|plural              = New Eiffelic Pings
|subunit              =
|coins                =
|banknotes            = ℕ1,000 ℕ2,000 ℕ5,000 ℕ10,000 ℕ25,000 ℕ50,000 ℕ100,000
|central_bank        = [[The Official ZedBank o' Ex New Finland and New Eiffel]]
|printer              =
|mint                =
{{Infobox country
{{Infobox country


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