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Anglestonian-Pecunian Commonwealth

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|name = Anglestonian-Pecunian Commonwealth
|shortname = Anglestonia-Pecuniam, APC, the empire, the Commonwrealth
|image1 = [[File:Anglestonian-Pecunian.png|300px]]
|image2 =
|motto = Dieu et mon droit
|anthem = [ God save the Queen]
|location = [[File:Map of the British Empire.png|200px]]
|capital =
|largest_city =
|name = The Kingdom Of Anglestonia
|shortname = Anglestonia
|image1 = [[File:Anglestonian Flag.png|175px]]
|image2 =
|motto = Yn ffyddlon i’n gwlad (English: Loyal to our country)
|name = Principality of Bindia
|shortname = Bindia
|image1 = [[File:Official Empire Flag.png|175px]]
|image2 =
|motto = Frome ye plante cometh fruit, from ye fruite cometh wayste, from ye wayste cometh compost, and frome ye compost cometh plant.
|name = Kingdom Of Great Pecuniam
|shortname = Pecuniam, Great Pecuniam
|image1 = [[File:GreatPecuniam.png|175px]]
|image2 =
|motto = Gloria et Sapentia
=====Flag Referendum=====
On the 10th of August 2017, a referendum began on an official flag for Pecuniam. The referendum was legally binding and ended on the 12th of August, with the current flag of Pecuniam being the winner. The flag had been designed a few days earlier on the 6th of August. The flag referendum included several comedic flags, one of which was second in the referendum.
=====The beginning of the reign of King Torin=====
|name = Scottish County
|shortname =
|image1 = [[File:Scottish Colony.png|175px]]
|image2 =
|motto =
|name = Pecunian Raftia
|shortname =
|image1 = [[File:Official Empire Flag.png|175px]]
|image2 =
|motto =

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