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Lurnex Civil War

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| date = 7th April - 6th March May 2019
| place = [[Republic Of Lurnex]]
| result = tied Fascist win
The '''Lurnex Civil War ''' is a war that went on-going inside from the 7th of April to 6 May 2019 [[Republic Of Lurnex]]. Right wing Fascists faught against the left wing leaning anti-fascists. Hamish Smith led Fascist party Lurnex First in alliance with [[Markoslavia]], [[Owhil]], [[The Imperial Xinaing Empire]] and [[The TamTamweed Militia]]. Alexander Smith led the anti-fascist party titled Lurnex Anti-Fascist Party. The anti-fascist party were in alliance with the Sucaflese Military of [[Sucon]]. The civil war was started due to [[Alexander Smith]]'s hatred for Fascism after being exiled from leader of [[Lurnex]].
===Recapture of Foxville===
With Foxville under the control by Anti-Fascists. Hamish Smith decided he needed the city back under his control before Alexander Smith and the Anti-Fascists worked on a bigger, stronger army. He decided to launch an attack on the Anti-Fascists on 19th of 19 April 2019. Hamish moved troops to flank around the outline of the city so no Anti-Fascists would leave. The Fascists then closed in on the city and started knocking down the Anti-Fascists. Although Hamish was winning he called in the help from the [[Owhil]] Military, [[Markoslavia]] Military, [[The Imperial Xinaing Empire]] and The [[TamTamweed Militia]]. Once called in the Fascists crushed the Anti-Fascists and only a few escaped the city. The Fascists now had control on both the cities and the Anti-Fascists were stuck in a military base between the two cities of Dochbury and Foxville.
===Fort Fox Siege===
On April 25th 25, 2019 Fascist troops rallied outside Fort Fox which was the last standing base of the Anti-Fascists. The Fascists realised they could win the war by taking Fort Fox and leaving the Anti-Fascists without a base. Hamish Smith decided to get all his Fascists troopsand swarm the base in quest of ending the civil war on the 25th of April. The fascists circled the base and dug in deep so they could secure the entrance to the fort. Hamish Smith and [[Owhil]] leader Abdullah 'Ba' Mifusda ordered the troops to begin to push into the military base and win the war. As the battle started Alexander Smith told is troops to hold the front line and so they did and stopped any fascists forces trying to brake into the fort. Eventually 3 fascists soldiers made the push and broke into the base and eliminated the soldiers who sat at the first floor of the base. They were now challenged with the task to move up through the base. The 3 soldiers called for backup and it was struggling to arrive due to anti-Fascist soldiers with height advantages. The 3 soldiers decided they had to push up by themselves and so they slowly climbed the stairs but were soon pinned in by the Anti-fascists.

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