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Most Serene Republic of Lupazia

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== the constitution==
Art.1 the lupazia is an oligarchic Republic based on the centralization of the 2 main powers: Executive and Legislative
Art. 2 Lupatians are entitled to equal rights
Art. 3 Art. 3 the Republic controls, regulates and coordinates the credit 
Art.4 the Republic recognizes the free private initiative
Art. 5 the Republic provides the following services: Water, Gas, Light, Petrol, Electricity
Art. 6 the tax system is progressive
Art. 7 the national currency is the Lira which cannot be abandoned
Art. 8 the Bank (established by Law No. 3 of 2 April 2019) is the exclusive property of the treasury
Art. 9 State company sales are prohibited
Art. 10 the death penalty is for the following cases: Murder, Betrayal, Plots against the state, blasphemy in churches and rape

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