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Lurnex Civil War

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| image =
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| date = 7th April - 30th AprilNow
| place = [[Republic Of Lurnex]]
| result = Lurnex First victory tied * Victory for Hamish smith* Communism Banned * Fascism is the enofrced ideology
| combatant1 = Lurnex First
*[[The TamTamweed Militia]]
The Lurnex Civil War took place between is a war on-going inside the 7th [[Republic of April to 30th of AprilLurnex]]. Right wing Fascists faught against the left wing leaning anti-fascists. Hamish Smith led Fascist party Lurnex First in alliance with [[Markoslavia]], [[Owhil]], [[The Imperial Xinaing Empire]] and [[The TamTamweed Militia]]. Alexander Smith led the anti-fascist party titled Lurnex Anti-Fascist Party. The anti-fascist party were in alliance with the Sucaflese Military of [[Sucon]]. The civil war was started due to [[Alexander Smith]]'s hatred for Fascism after being exiled from leader of [[Lurnex]].

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