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Operation Electrolight (documentary)

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'''"Operation Electrolight"''', or: also known as '''why micronational war is stupid''' , is a [[2011]] documentary film by [[St.Charlie|St.Charlian]] statesman [[Alexander Reinhardt]]. The short film investigates the reactions to a hypothetical micronational war between the [[Federal Republic of St.Charlie]] and the [[Federated Republics of A1]] in the MicroWiki Community, focusing on the reactions to the conflict or to the April Fools' joke itself.
After publications, reviews for the film were overwhelmingly positive, with generally good ratings on the MicroWiki Forum thread presenting the documentary.<ref>[ "Operation Electrolight: Why and How", 1 April 2011]</ref>. The video was, however, also criticised by supporters of micronational warfare for "lacking a coherent message". Other than small critics of the way in which the Operation was managed and planned, the documentary is regarded, mainly in the Italophone sector, as "the best explanation as why micronational war is stupid".

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