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Afrax Value Intervention

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|combatant1= [[Kingdom of Tarvit]] <br /> Macronational Citizens
|combatant2= Afrax Colonial Empire
|commander1= [[File:New KoTarvitian Flag.png|25px]] [[Lachlan MacGillvary|Rex. Lachlan I]] <br /> [[File:New KoTarvitian Flag.png|25px]] [[Heath Markus|ACM Heath Markus]] <br /> [[File:New KoTarvitian Flag.png|25px]] [[Keenan Carr I|ACM Grp Cpt. Keenan Carr]]
|commander2= [[File:D1FDCDCB-61B4-42B8-B5EC-E8773EFD3BD8.jpeg|20px]] Thomas El-Tegani Elliot
|strength1=2 Tarvitian Citizens<br />4 Honorary Tarvitian Citizens <br />No. 4 Royal Corps of Values
The '''Afrax Value Intervention ''' was a non military value conflict that took place on the 28th of March 2019 until the 29th of March 2019. The conflict was sparked on the 27th 28th of March due to a remark by Afrax leader Thomas "El-Tegani" Elliot in relation to personal issues that [[Keenan Carr I|Lord Mayor ACM Group Captain Keenan Carr]] was facing at the time. According to a statement made on the 30th of March by the Rex. "The value of integrity is absent from the conduct of the self proclaimed leader ''(El-Tegani)''" which was used as justification to sever ties with Afrax and halt relations. Also stated by the Rex " is clear that any form of relations with the ACE insults the intelligence of the citizens of our kingdom..." after the Afrax leader vandalised the [[Kingdom of Tarvits Tarvit]]s wiki page.
The result of the conflict was a perceived victory for the values of the Kingdom of Tarvit as the situation that lead to the incident was resolved using all three of the values of Tarvit in the pursuit of defeating the opposing parties. The Afrax Colonial Empire collapsed in the absence of Tarvitian and [[Republic Of Lurnex|Lurnexian]] assistance on March 30.
===28th March===
*21:30 - ACM Gp Capt. Keenan Carr enters a talk channel with El-Tegani,[[Alexander Smith]] and Paco.*21:35 - El-Tegani's first remark prompts a server mute to silence any further comments.*21:41 - El-Tegani messages an apology to ACM Gp Capt. Keenan Carr.*21:42 - ACM Gp Capt. Keenan Carr requests that ACM Heath Markus allows El-Tegani to speak on the terms that an apology is givenpublicly with ACM Markus as an audience.*21:42 - El-Tegani begins an apology but makes another remark in relation to two foreign nationals that prompted ACM Keenan Carr Heath Markus to remove El-Tegani from the situation in the interest of sanity.*23:24 - Rex. Lachlan I of Tarvit activates No. 4 Squadron Royal Corps of Values.
===29th March===
*10:47 - The foreign nationals in question contact ACM Keenan Gp Capt. Carr . *10:58 - ACM Keenan Gp Capt. Carr meets with the macronational citizens and resolves the personal conflict.
===30th March===
*07:35 - No. 4 Squadron Royal Corps of Values is stood down.*''(time unknown)'' - Afrax Collapses*15:30 - Values restored and the conflict endsend.
==Recipients Post Conflict=====Afrax Tenerife Colony===[[File:Bananarama the Dominion.png|thumb|125px|Newly reformed territory]]Due to the collapse of Afrax, [[Republic Of Lurnex|Lurnex]] and [[Tarvit]], who had each colonised land bordering the Afrax Tenerife Colony, commenced the discussion of a treaty to divide the land of the former Afrax Colony. The Treaty of Guaza detailed the process of peaceful redrawing of borders that would position the [[Yeoman Territories|Tarvitian Yeoman Territory]] of Bananarama the Dominion better to suit it's needs and allow the [[Lurnex|Lurnexian Territory]] of "Planta de Banano" more surface area. ==Official Statement==Rex Lachlan MacGillvary released an official statement not long after the end of the conflict which reveals that the conflict went much further than the micronational community.<ref>[ "Official Statement (Tarvit) - Afrax Value Intervention"], Retrieved 05 April 2019</ref> Links to an unnamed non-micronational shows the nature of the conflict to be outwith the Micronational community with El-Tegani's mention provoking a micronational response. ==Awards=====Tarvitian Afrax Value Victory Medal===*{{flag|Kingdom of Tarvit|name= Tarvit}} - [[Lachlan MacGillvary|Rex. Lachlan I]]*{{flag|Kingdom of Tarvit|name= Tarvit}} - [[Keenan Carr IHeath Markus|Air Chief Marshal Sir Heath Markus]]*{{flag|Kingdom of Tarvit|name= Tarvit}} - [[Keenan Carr|Group Captain Keenan Carr]]*{{flag|United Kingdomof Tarvit|name= Tarvit}} - Amber Blyth*{{flag|United Kingdomof Tarvit|name= Tarvit}} - Joy Jennings(Currently being revised, 20/08/2019)*{{flag|United Kingdomof Tarvit|name= Tarvit}} - Emma Henderson
*{{flag|Poland}} - Paulina Czuchra
*{{flag|Lurnex}} - [[Alexander Smith]] (2/04/2019)
*{{flag|Kingdom of Tarvit|name= Tarvit}} - Jake Sykes (2/04/2019)
===Order of the Right===
*{{flag|Kingdom of Tarvit|name= Tarvit}} - Amber Blyth
===Order of Tarvit===
*{{flag|Kingdom of Tarvit|name= Tarvit}} - Emma Henderson
*{{flag|Kingdom of Tarvit|name= Tarvit}} - Joy Jennings (Currently being revised, 20/08/2019)
*{{flag|Kingdom of Tarvit|name= Tarvit}} - Jake Sykes
===Military Promotions===
*[[Alexander Smith]] - Promoted to Pivotal ([[Tarvitian Cyber Service]])
*[[Jake Sykes]] - Promoted to Cyber Officer ([[Tarvitian Cyber Service]])

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