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Great Renton

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{{Infobox nation
|image2 = [[File:Forestasian Coat of Arms.(small).jpg|102px]]<br> Coat of Arms
|capital = [[Londonwülfenstein]]
|languages = Newlandic, [[w:English language|English]] & [[w:German language|German]]
|demonym = Forestasian, Appleite, Damish
||head of state = Head of State
|head of government = Grand Mayor
|hos_name =
|established = 14th 14 January [[2017]]
|population = 7 (2017 census)
|currency = Damish Euro (DE)
|time_zone = [[w:Greenwich Mean Time|GMT ]] (Greenwich Mean Time)
'''Great Renton ''' is a State in [[Empire of New Amsterdam|New Amsterdam]], it's Capital its capital is [[Londonwülfenstein]] (Londonwolfenstone), it has a population of 3 and is set to get 50 visits anually, it was established on the same day of the Invasion of Shenfield Common.

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