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Abeldane Empire

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'''Abelden''', officially '''The Abeldane Empire and the Commonwealth'''<ref>'''German''': ''Abeldänisches Abeldanisches Kaiserreich und dessen Commonwealth'' '''French''': ''Empire abeldanais et le Commonwealth''. The full name is used rarely, only applied on special documents. The prefix ''The'' is a part of the full name in English.</ref> or simply as '''The Abeldane Empire''' ([[w:German|German]]: ''Abeldanisches Kaiserreich '' [[w:French|French]]: ''Empire abeldanais''), is a self-declared independent nation-state (more commonly referred to as a [[Micronation|micronation]] by outsiders) claiming sovereignty over territories in five continents. Abelden has an overall population of 61 as of November 2018 and claims an approximate territory of 708 kilometres square (km2). Since its establishment, the Empire has two capitals: [[Pleston]] and [[Alexton]], both of which are located in [[Alenshka]], the permanent seat of the Empire.
The Empire was founded in 2014 as the de facto successor of Militarmia and inherited all of the former's claims. Originally founded as a unitary state, in 2016 a referendum passed that allowed the creation of a federal empire. Its federal states have a deep historical connection with the Empire, going as far back as 2013 and have all been members of the [[Abeldane Commonwealth]] before they ascended as states. Abelden has a diverse and unique culture and considers it as fundamental for the unity and prosperity of the Empire and its citizens. People from Abelden are known as [[Abeldanes]].
<center><gallery widths="95px" heights="120px" perrow="7">
File:15 tk.jpg|<center>[[Tarik Kârjasary|<small>Tarik Kârjasary</small><br>'''Marquis of Batori''']]<br><small>[[Vorsitzender]]<br />[[Ministry of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (Abelden)#Ministers|Minister of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs]]<br />[[Ministry of Orthography (Abelden)|Minister of Orthography]]</small></center>
File:Kaos Portrait 2.pngjpg|<center>[[Nick Kaos|<small>Nicholas Kaos</small><br>'''Duke of Manchester''']]<br /><small>[[Stellvertreter]]<br />[[Ministry of the Reichsregierungskabinett|Minister of the Reichsregierungskabinett]]<br />[[Ministry of Finance (Abelden)|Chancellor of the Treasury]]</small>
File:Ed Daniels 2.jpg|<center>[[Edward Daniels|<small>Edward Daniels</small><br>'''Baron Daniels''']] <br><small>[[Attorney General of Abelden|Attorney General]]</small>
File:SIRS.png|<center>[[Stephen I & II|<small>Stephen Freayth</small><br>'''Duke of Claret''']]<br><small>[[Ministry of Homeland and Geographical Affairs (Abelden)#Ministers|Minister of Homeland and Geographical Affairs]]</small>

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