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Empire of Jake

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| align="center" colspan="2" | <big>'''Empire of Jake'''</big>
| align="center" colspan="2" | '''March 1st1, 2010 - January 1st1, 2011'''
| align="center" colspan="2" | [[File:JakianFlag.png|thumb|center|JakianFlag.png]]
== History ==
The Empire of Jake was founded by Jake Peirce on March 1st1, 2010. He wanted to set up a strong, militaristic stratocracy to govern the nation, and, as such, he divided the soldiers in the nation between a “troika” of leaders - himself, Brantley Evans, and Chris Seeboth. The nation annexed around 4 acres of land in Clanton from the United States, and expanded its population to 21 citizens. On May 20th20, Seeboth stepped down from the Troika, and was replaced by Kenny Oswald. On July 1st1, the Army of Brantley Evans seceded from the Empire and joined the [[Union of Samian City States|Union of Samian City States]]. With Evans defeated, and Oswald politically compromised, Peirce declared himself the sole Premier of the Empire of Jake on July 15th15, 2010. After that, the nation became largely inactive, except for a recruiting drive around September 2010. On October 1st1, the Empire of Jake and the new [[Confederation of Awesome|Confederation of Awesome]] chose not to renew the attack one attack all alliance, but signed a treaty of mutual recognition. The nation disbanded due to inactivity on January 1st1, 2011.
== Government ==
The nation was designed to be a stratocracy of three leaders, each of whom controlled a portion of the nations military, who would vote on national decisions. If the leader of one Army stepped down, the next highest ranking officer of that army would replace them. After the secession of the Army of Evans, Jake Peirce seized all power, making him the sole military ruler of the nation.
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