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Empire of Cherniv

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'''Cherniv''' ( 't∫er nib) or officially know as '''The Empire of Cherniv''' (Spanish: Imperio de Cherniv) is a Empire composed of 7 Provinces and 1 Capital State located in the Northwest of Mexico, Cherniv border at North,South,East and West with Mexico (Except in Tijuana, that borders in the North with the USA) , Cherniv has a population of 14 people living there, the official currency accepted in the Republic is the Mexican Peso, Cherniv is the succesor of the People´s Republic of Arizo or Republic of Fitberland, The Republic of Fitberland was founded by Raul I on 21st 21 May 2015 at 5:09pm (Local Hour).´ Cherniv is a Constitutonal Parliamentary Monarchy
Cherniv was Member of the United Micronations (2009) and is member of the Intermicronational Olympic Commitee (Spanish: Comité Olímpico Intermicronacional)
= Belian Civil War =
On September 27th 27, 2016, Grupo Revolucionista Independentista Xexu (GRIX) declared war on Belia and Fitberland (Cherniv) declared war on GRIX because Belia was Ally of Fitberland, The Belian Army sended daily news of the war, Forces of Fitberland advanced in Piazza Rosa and Quadrilatero and surrounded Badlands, on October 1st 1 Belia announced a delay of the war, 14 days later Belia took control of the GRIX Twitter account, After Belia took Control of the account the war ended.
= Weather =
Cherniv has a very dry weather in Summer time with an Annual Precipitation of 410  mm, The most high average of rain is from June to September, In the table it´s presented averages from 1981 to 2010 recopilated from the webpage of Servicio Meteorologico Nacional
= Cherniv leaves the United Micronations (2009) =
On July 30th30, 2018, Raul I announceed that was going to leave the United Micronations 2009.
Message send to the United Micronations (In Spanish)

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