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[[File:BlackFlag.png|thumb|right|Flag of Emiri, the Anarchist Black Flag]]The Free Territory of '''Emiri ''' is a constituent state of the [[Confederation_of_Awesome|Confederation of Awesome]]. The state was a founding member, and the only member republic to not have territorial changes upon entering the Confederation. The state has 5 citizens and a total of 2 acres of territory. The state is nominally anarchist, and its representative is Emilee Richards.
== History ==
The territory that is now Emiri was once inhabited by Choctow, Chickasaw, Cherokee, and Creek Indians. This territory became settled by the British, and became a part of the United States after the American Revolution. In January of 2010, Emilee Richards declared Emiri an independent Monarchy. The state was a founding member of the Confederation of Awesome, and began a period of expansion during this time. As more people began entering the state, an absolutist monarchy seemed less and less practical, and as a result Queen Emilee I stepped down on November 1st 2011, declaring Emiri an anarchist state.
== Government ==
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