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Cool Barbie

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| align="left" | '''[[Cool Barbie 2]]'''
| align="left" | Bubbles floats back down to Earth in an escape pod. [[w:Captain Scarlet (character)|Captain Scarlet]] visits Cool Barbie and informs her of this. The two travel to "base" and share the news with members of toy government. Bubbles attacks the toys, but leaves due to disliking the sound of screaming dolls. A battle breaks out between Bubbles and some soldiers led by Captain Scarlet, the latter of whom is badly wounded in an explosion. Captain Scarlet transforms into a giant snake and attacks Bubbles, who is knocked out and placed in a freezer. The episode ends with Cool Barbie and the Captain Scarlet Snake singing "''We Are Family''" in front of the camera.<br>Cool Barbie II was initially filmed by Jonathan and Timothy, with some of the episode then re-filmed by Jonathan alone the next day. Unlike the first and third episode, Caroline had no involvement. Parts of some scenes are missing, and others from the initial day of filming only survive due to having been filmed on the camera while later being shown on a television screen, much of the footage from the first day of filming having been taped over either by Jonathan's re-filming of some scenes or by other productions. Upon the transferral of the VHS tape into digital format in September 2014, ATP edited the different shots and scenes into - so far as was possible - one cohesive film.<br>Runtime: '''05:51'''
| align="left" | 9-10 9–10 December 2006
| align="left" | '''[[Cool Barbie 3]]'''

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