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Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Kirkland

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|February 16th16, [[2011]]
!Chief of the Defence Staff
|[[Brayden I of Kirkland | Emperor Brayden I]]
!Secretary of Defence
'''His Majesty's Armed Forces''' are the military of the [[Kirkland]]. They are constitutionally mandated by Article Five of the [[c:Constitution of the Empire of Kirkland | Kirkish Constitution]].
==Command Structure==
The [[Sovereign of Kirkland | Emperor]] is officially the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces but administrative work is delegated to the '''Chiefs of Staff Committee'''. The Chiefs of Staff Committee is comprised of the highest ranking officials from each of the branches of the Armed Forces, the appointed Chief of the Defence Staff, and the Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff.
The civilian administration of the Armed Forces is carried out by the Ministry of Defence. The Ministry of Defence has administrative oversight of the Armed Forces and as such determines spending and other directives.

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