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Kingdom of Sunnit

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=== History ===
Althrastan declared it's independence on the 7th of January 2019. Soon after in the next month Althrastan was changed to Republic of Sunnit as Owen thought it would work better but then the next day he realised that if he had a kingdom then he can be the king and as well as that have a parliment so he changed the name again to Kingdom of Sunnit.
=== Etymology ===
Sunnit means [[W:Mithra|Mithra]] which is the iranian belief system. Mithra is an ancient god in iran who has reformed into [[W: Christianity|Christianity]]. Mithra was a sun god in iran and was formed when people were trying to figure out about the sun giving us light when it is there and when the sun isn't there it is very cold and then it became a whole thing. And also they had a theory that the moon was a female cow and the sun is a bull.
=== Foreign Relations ===
The Kingdom of sunnit has relations with the following nations:
=== Capital city (Mithra city) ===
Mithra city is Owens bedroom and it measures at around 12 square meters. Mithra city has been visited by foreign dignitaries, including Dukian Prince [[Tom Kap]]. Mithra City is considered the place where Sunnit was founded.
=== Sunnit Holidays ===
Sunnit holidays come from both Iranian and American holiday.
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|April 1st1
|April Fools
|A day of jokes and fools

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