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Micronationally speaking, in the MicroWiki Community, 2008 is sometimes known as the ''year of conception'' as the oldest members of the current community joined the site this year, and numerous micronations that later joined the group were founded this year.
[[Category: 2000s]]
== Events by month ==
*'''1st''' - The [[Principality of Kaznia]] reforms into the [[Cheslovian Federation]].
*'''2nd''' - The [[Kingdom of Praugsia]] is founded for the second time.
*'''4th '''- The [[Glorious Dictatorial Republic of Andersonia]] is founded. While the ''exact'' date of foundation is not known, November 4th 4 is the generally accepted date.
*'''8th''' - [[Danburnia]] is founded.
*'''15th''' - [[Kingdom of St.Charlie]]: [[Patrizio I]] abdicates due to health reasons, Kingdom unofficially dissolved, start of the '''November Revolution'''.
*'''{{flagiconstart|Vlag.jpg}} [[Grand Duchy of Flandrensis]]'''
**Grand Duke - [[Niels of Flandrensis|Niels I]], [[Grand Duchy of Flandrensis|Grand Duke of Flandrensis]] (2008 - present2008–present)**Prime Minister - [[Hein of Giddis]], [[Grand Duchy of Flandrensis|Prime Minister of Flandrensis]] (2008 - present2008–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Molossia_flag.png}} [[Republic of Molossia]]''' - [[Kevin Baugh]], [[Republic of Molossia|President of Molossia]] (1999 - present1999–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Vikeslandflag.jpg}} [[Kingdom of Vikesland]]''' - [[Christopher I of Vikesland|Christopher I]], [[Kingdom of Vikesland|King of Vikesland]] (2005 - present2005–present)

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