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Viceroyalty of Phokland

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Political Parties
{{coord|33.355963|-111.783099defunct}}{{red links}} <metadesc>The :''This article contains information for the now defunct '''Viceroyalty of Phokland is an hereditary Viceregal State of ''', for the Principality current incarnation of Domanglia with territorial claims made in areas within the borders of the U.S. state of Arizonasee [[Phoklandian Free State]]. The state was created (originally) as a political experiment, designed to prove that a nation's government can be successfully ran by young adults/teenagers.</metadesc>' 
{{Infobox nation
|name = Viceroyalty of Phokland (eng)<br>''Наместник Фокланда'' (ru)<br>''Dirgelwch Phokland'' (cy)
|image2 = [[File:PCOA.png|170px]]<br>Coat of arms
|motto = '''Lucrum Per Dispendii Nobis'''
|anthem = "Lord Save the PrinceViceroy" <br>[[File:God-Save-the-Tsar_.ogg|center|English subtitles for clip: File:God-Save-the-Tsar .ogg]]
|capital = [[Province of Capitis|Rosston]]
|largest_city = [[Province of Emosia|Kyber]]
|established = 10 February [[2007]]
|population = 22
|currency = USD''(Unofficial)''
|web = [ Government News Website]
| bgcolor=pink|'''Progressive Conservative Party of DomangliaPhokland''' ('''PCPDPCP''')|| [[File:Pnewflag.png|100px]] || [[Prince Charles I|Prince Charles Ross]] || [[w:Progressive Conservatism|Progressive Conservatism]] || {{ParlSeats|1|12|hex=pink}} || {{ParlSeats|0|1|hex=#069614}}
|[[Province of Greenlandia|Greenlandia]]
|30 (Uninhabited)
|Duchy of Fort Portland
|27 April [[2018]]

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